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Bert Weiss

Bert Weiss


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I was absolutely certain at a very young age what I wanted to do for a living. There was never a doubt in my mind. Being a sportscaster was my focus in high school and college and nothing could change that course! Except…when a country radio station in San Diego offered me…wait for it….$16,500…. to assist in the promotions department, run the research department and be a small part of the station’s morning show. At 20 years old, I immediately abandoned my life journey to dabble in morning radio and live the life of the rich and famous on $16,500.

My wife and I met at a radio station promotion in Washington, DC. And I can point to that ONE day as the most important of my life. She’s every lyrical cliché in the book for me. She has changed my life in so many ways; made me a better man, helped me escape my demons, taught me how to love and gave me two remarkable sons.

My passion is traveling. I want to see it all. I’ve hiked in Venezuela, surfed in Costa Rica, almost drowned in Hawaii, driven beach buggies in Brazil, danced at midnight on a rooftop in Colombia, got caught in a sea storm off Capri, crashed a scooter in Greece, sailed around the Caribbean for Christmas…I am the most interesting man in the world, now that I think of it.

“I’m your sounding board, who wears his heart on his sleeve.”

What else? I’m a gym rat, but no meathead. I can’t jump rope. My favorite comedy is either “The Hangover” or “Bridesmaids.” I’m not ashamed to say I cried at the end of reading “The Notebook.” I hate running. I’ve lied to my wife for over a decade and told her I like U2 way more than I really do ‘cause it’s her favorite band. I’m quite sure I have ADD. I’m conflicted about my religion. My biggest accomplishment is the father and husband I have learned to be. My biggest frustration is that I can’t get good at surfing and I can’t grasp anything but basic Spanish. I’m a germaphobe.

My wife and I have a nonprofit called Bert’s Big Adventure. We take children that have chronic and terminal illnesses down to Disney World on an all expenses paid, five-day trip and we bring everybody in their family! Pure magic!

Everybody on the Bert Show hates typical morning radio. We try to be the anti-morning show morning show. We’re real. We’re funny. We try not to tell stupid jokes that only we laugh at. We try to be compelling every minute we’re on for you guys. Some days you’re gonna laugh. Other days you’re gonna cry. Other days you’re going to tune us out for something way better. LOL. We don’t do this show for you. We do it with you.

Thanks for listening.

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Jeff Dauler

Jeff Dauler

Co-host, Executive Producer

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I’m Jeff.

I’ve worked full time in radio since I was a teenager, which basically means I’ve never had a real job. I seriously get paid to talk for a few hours a day about random stuff. How great is that?

I’m a Bert Show original. In 2001, Bert and I met for the first time and started working on creating a new kind of radio morning show. Less annoying, funny, real. I’ve been the Executive Producer and co-host ever since, which means I must not irritate my co-workers and my bosses as much as they let on.

I recently launched a jewelry line with pieces inspired by ‘Keep Moving Forward,’ a lesson I learned training for my first triathlon.

Oh, yeah. I’m a triathlete.

That’s really weird for me say. I never was an athletic person, but something really cool happened in 2012: CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta changed my life by asking me to be a part of their FitNation Triathlon Challenge. I went from never working out to swimming, biking, and running across the finish line of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in 9 months. The transformation was an amazing experience, and the fact that I inspired others through both CNN and The Bert Show was as awesome to me as the other achievements. I continue to work out and will continue to race triathlons, and hope in inspire more people to reach new personal goals.

“I stir it up. Keep it real. I make jokes. Sometimes the jokes aren’t funny.”

I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and my parents still live up there. I only visit them up there during the few months out of the year when it’s not cold, otherwise they have to come see me or we have to meet somewhere warm. I was raised as an only child, but a few years ago, I reconnected with my half-brother. He’s real-deal country from North Carolina. He makes his own beef jerky, plays mandolin, and throws knives.

Last summer, I adopted Sadie from the Humane Society and she’s the best dog…ever. She even has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts, which is really impressive considering she doesn’t have thumbs.

Here’s some other random stuff: I’m a social media addict, I hate talking on the phone but will text you all day long, I never watch TV, I lie about how much I read, spend too much on technology and gadgets that I don’t need, my birthday (November 10) is a two-week long event, I’m awesome cooking on a grill, and am a compulsive list-maker.

Here’s even more random stuff: I’m a part of the Atlanta chapter of The Recording Academy, also known as The GRAMMYs and I serve the Governor on the Georgia Commission for Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment, working to bring entertainment business to the State of Georgia. I’m still recognized from when I worked as the live entertainment host at Turner Field, where I entertained over 7 million baseball fans between 2006 and 2008. On the weekends, you can probably find me enjoying breakfast in Buckhead, at one of the two Flying Biscuit restaurants that I’m a partner in.

Can’t get enough of me? Go to www.jeffdauler.com

Thanks for reading.

Jeff@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Kristin Klingshirn

Kristin Klingshirn

Co-host & Entertainment News Director

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Hey! I’m Kristin and I’m a proud member of The Bert Show. I love that my job is I get to laugh and joke around with my friends every day on the air. While we make sure to have fun, we don’t shy from tackling the tough topics. It’s always important to feel connected to our listeners, who we consider family.

I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky, which of course make me a Wildcats fan through and through. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, I’m southern in my roots and appreciate good hospitality and a perfect glass of sweet tea.

Coming from a military family, (my brother is a Marine and my father is a Vietnam Veteran), I will always support the men and women of our Armed Forces. I’m also a big supporter of rescue shelters thanks to my two dogs, Parker Jones and Leeroy Brown. The unconditional love from a dog simply makes life more joyful.

No marriage, no kids, but I do have a boyfriend that’s been committed to my craziness for 7 years. Maybe we’ll get married, maybe we’ll have kids, maybe we won’t. Trust me, if we do, you’ll be the first to know. We share everything on The Bert Show. And I mean everything.

A self proclaimed TV junkie, my DVR is always filled with Real Housewives or Dancing with the Stars episodes. That’s on top of the other umpteen million shows I watch. It’s nice to escape to the entertainment world on a daily basis by delivering the Entertainment Buzz. I enjoy getting caught up in the fashion and the glamour of the stars, while not taking it too seriously.

In all my years in radio I’ve managed to be shocked by cattle prods, attacked by dogs, and tackled by rugby players. I’m a tough enough chick to where I can certainly hang with the boys and I’m extremely competitive. I attribute that to my high school basketball coach.

I still have a sensitive side, and being a part of Bert’s Big Adventure and raising funds for pediatric brain tumor research is what gives me purpose. I have a strong sense of family, friends, and female independence. And besides Johnny Depp, the only other thing that makes me weak in the knees is a fabulous pair of shoes. Which reminds me…I think I’m due for a new pair…

“Since I’m an open book you’ll realize I may be flawed, but I hope together we can learn how to be better people and laugh at ourselves along the way.”

Kristin@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Tracey Kinney

Tracey Kinney

Operations Manager & Syndication Executive Producer

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“I’m the mom of The Bert Show crew. I make sure all of the Ts get crossed and the Is get dotted behind the scenes to keep the show running smoothly.”

Tracey@TheBertShow.com | On-Air


Tommy Owen

Show Director

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“I keep The Bert Show running smoothly each morning.  I love to over-share my vast movie/TV/music knowledge, and I rock the mic each Friday with The Bert Show’s Weekly Wrap Rap (that is, when I’m not screwing it up).”

Tommy@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Cassie Young

Web & Social Media Director

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“I’m the web & social media expert…and the resident twenty-something know-it-all: if you have a question, I have an answer. Others might call me condescending, (ahem, Casshole) but honestly, they’re all just misguided.”

Cassie@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Carl Hemp

Assistant Producer

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“I’m always running in and out of the studio and maybe you see my point of view maybe you don’t, but either way, I’m a damn good Dad.”

Carl@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Davi Crimmins

Assistant Producer

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“I’m the girl who wears many hats! When I’m not screening your calls- I’m running the board, editing audio, interviewing listeners on the street, or partaking in a little On-Air shenanigans! So, if you call into the show, speak QUICKLY – because I’m a busy lady!”

Davi@TheBertShow.com | On-Air

Natalie Brown

Audio Producer


“You hear me without ever hearing my voice. I manipulate audio to create “The Magic of Radio!”

Natalie@TheBertShow.com | On-Air