Tracey Kinney

Operations Manager

As a hard working mother of 2 little girls, It is hard to believe that I’ve been with The Bert Show since I was practically a child myself! I started as a young, single 22-year-old intern, fresh out of The University of Georgia without a care in the world

Over the past years, I’ve grown up quite a bit and most significantly in my home life. I went from being young, single and vocal about my dating life to a married mommy of two! During my years with the show, I met the love of my life, Scott. We were married June 30, 2007 and welcomed our first baby girl, Ella, two years to the day of saying “I do!” 3 years later, we finally had the courage to bring on baby # 2. Madeline Rose joined our family in November of 2012.

Like every working mom, my day to day life is crazy. Yet, I try to focus on how blessed my days are. My favorite moments are the simple ones…. Baking cookies and making crafts with my girls or collapsing on the couch with my husband after an exhausting day. My husband and my girls are my world and I am blessed to have a husband who feels the same way.

As a working mom, I’m always juggling home and work but I hate taking short-cuts. I blame Martha Stewart and Pinterest for raising the bar to impossible levels for this generation of Mommies. I have to remind myself that it’s okay if my kid’s Halloween costumes came from the store and a box of mac and cheese is not the end of the world. I love to cook and I love to craft, I just wish there were more hours in the day to do more of those things.

A little unknown fact about me…I love history and genealogy. I’ve spent hours on searching for clues to help me piece together the story of my ancestor’s lives. We also live in a house that is over 100 years in a historical neighborhood with such a rich past. I love learning everything I can about the people who lived in our neighborhood as well as the lives of my ancestors.

If you’re a long-time Bert Show listener, you may also know how much I love to organize. Show me a messy closet and an unlimited budget at the Container Store and I’m in heaven. It may sound a bit neurotic, but thank goodness I’m organized or this crazy life would all fall apart! When asked how I do it all, I reveal my 2 biggest secrets….a loving husband and plenty of coffee!