Jackson Kim

Digital Producer and Client Operations Manager

Hey everyone! My name is Jackson Kim and I'm a Korean American from the Atlanta area and have been a listener of the show since I was in elementary school.

I'm a Georgia Tech grad with a degree in Finance. You might be wondering how I ended up here working in radio of all things. I've had an assortment of jobs since graduating college, starting off in Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan before moving into a job in Tech where I worked for Yelp. Neither of those jobs were a good fit so after Yelp, I actually headed up an expansion of an In-home Sushi making business here in Atlanta. I have since parted ways with the sushi business, however, in some random act of fate or coincidence, I ended up getting hired here at the show as a part-time phone screener and assistant producer. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to accept a full-time role with the show as the new Digital Producer and Client Operations Manager.

Professional life aside, I'm an avid golfer and gamer. Those two things pretty much encompass the entirety of my freetime and I have actually built my own custom computers and keyboards. I also have two cats named Bastion and Rein! Feel free to drop in and say hi to me on my Instagram @jackson.kiim.