Cassie Young

Chief Digital & Marketing Officer

Heya! I’m Cassie, and not only will you hear me on the show, I run all things digital around here!

I was born in the UK (my family is spread out all over the world: England, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Greece...), but I grew up in Louisiana, and went to college in Atlanta. I’m all about equal rights, I’m a body acceptance champion, and I can’t stand online trolls or close-mindedness (Or those orange circus peanut things. Or candy corn. Sorry, I just don’t get it.)

Laughing is my favorite thing to do.  I love Cajun food and I own way too much striped clothing. I care a ridiculous amount about environmental stuff (recycle, people!) and think that whiskey sours made with egg whites (yes, "Boston Sours" are a thing!) are pure magic and if you know a place that makes a good one, you better let me know!

While I'm good at some stuff, I'm also super clumsy, suck baking cookies and am awful with directions. Literally in one ear and out the other. And I can NEVER remember if I left the stove on or the hair straightener plugged in. UGH.

The good news is that my husband, Chad, picks up the slack for what I’m bad at. We make a great team (we’ve had fifteen years to practice, so we better be!) He’s been a great supporter of my dreams, and I hope every person finds someone like that to cheer them on. I got lucky. And we both got even luckier with the arrival of our kids - a beautiful, creative, hilarious little girl and a cheeky, fearless, loving little boy.

I love being outside - either on the water somewhere, biking, or hiking. Something about the sun, water, and mountains just makes me feel ALIVE. On the inside flip side, I’m a shower singer (more like belter-outer), binge gamer (bring on the 10-hour stints of Fall Out, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted!), voracious book devourer (currently obsessed with ACOTAR - if you know, you know), and love cooking (especially that Cajun food we talked about!)

I'm a proud Emory University grad who likes grammar, puns, finding stuff about space (did you know there’s an Earth-sized DIAMOND floating out there?!), thinking about the big picture and I’m always up for a solid debate over social issues...which I’ll probably do with you online while rewatching "The Office," because, you know, balance.

When I’m not working on the show, I cohost a podcast called Real Tall Tales, I’m a photographer, and I’m a photographer for Bert’s Big Adventure (it’s our non-profit that takes kids with chronic and terminal illnesses to Walt Disney World for a five-day, all-expenses-paid, magical VIP vacation)

Say hi if you ever see me out and around, or hit me up on the socials - @CassandraYoung - if you wanna chat!