Bert Weiss


Welcome to the Bert Show.

Thanks for checking us out.

A little about me.

Let’s start with 100% honesty ‘cause that’s what this show is all about. I was hired in Atlanta 20 years ago because it was LITERALLY the only station in the USA that would give me a chance at hosting. That’s no lie. I wanted this job so badly I think my initial contract offer to them was that I’d work for free. They said something like “that’s actually illegal. We have to pay you something.”

If you’re new to the Bert Show family you need to be warned. We talk about EVERYTHING. There are very few topics off limits in our personal lives. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's uncomfortably real. We’re not scared to be vulnerable or real. Between our drama and our listeners drama, it's kind of reality radio but our number one goal is to make sure you laugh a few times before you have to enter the real world.

I’m proud that the show has heart, also. I have a nonprofit called Bert’s Big Adventure. We take children that have chronic and terminal illnesses down to Disney World for an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip and we bring everybody in their family! Then we get together a few times each year for reunions to make sure we’re connected. We’ve built a network of 19 years of special needs families! It started out as a trip to get families to escape their problems for a few days. It’s turned into a family tree of connections!

Infrequently Asked Questions

Besides radio, what do ya like?

I’m pretty fond of my family. I have two sons that couldn’t be any more different. Hollis is an oboe playing, soccer player determined to play soccer professionally someday. Hayden is a creative, theater kid that loves movies and anime.

Besides that what’cha into?

Traveling. Period. I am a huge fan of seeing jaw dropping sites and collecting memories with my family. Some of the best? Swimming freely with sea lions in the Galapagos, scaling the Via Ferrata in Telluride, Colorado, driving buggies on the beach in Brazil, star gazing all night in Bora Bora, fighting bulls in Spain and traveling to the edge of space with Richard Branson. Ok, the last two are BS. HOWEVER...I actually am the most interesting man in the world, now that I think of it. Not that lame Dos Equis guy.

Also, I’m kinda of a health nut. I love nutrition and body science. Staying fit has always been a big part of my life. Strangely, I work out more and eat healthier than anybody on the Bert Show but always seem to be the sickest member.

Thanks for giving the Bert Show a shot at your loyalty. We’re real. We’re funny. And I think it’s very different than anything you might have heard on morning radio.