Amber Jones

Assistant Producer and Phone Screener

I’m Amber “Smiles” Jones. If you met me, you get why Smiles is my nickname. I’m rarely not smiling. I graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University. We had an undefeated football team because we didn’t have one. I have a degree in Performance Arts. I do stand-up comedy, have two YouTube channels, the Professionally Silly YouTube Channel,
Paranormal Blacktivity Channel, and a podcast, Professionally Silly.

I live to make people smile. It’s my favorite thing on earth to do. I love trying new things, especially if it’s food and/or drinks. I am a Georgia native, but I lived in Los Angeles for nine years, chasing "the dream." So I claim both west and east coast.

Fun, random facts about me is, I fell off an active volcano. I’m also a paranormal investigator and I am addicted to VR games. To sum up, I’m a fun human looking for more laughs and good memories. I have no idea where my future is headed but hopefully somewhere with smiles and laughter.