Abby Murphy

Co-Host & Entertainment News Director

One of the weirdest parts about radio is the first time you “meet someone,” you have to totally make up what you think they look like and where they come from. So allow me to put a face and story to the voice and officially introduce myself….

*cue Love Island intro music*

I’m a 20-something and I’ve lived in Florida mostly my whole life. Weirdly enough, I’m not a huge beach person. I’m from northeast Florida where the beaches are honestly more swampland than paradise, but us Floridians don’t mind. I actually spent four years in “The Swamp” at the University of Florida! I’m a die-hard Gator fan and I’m loud-and-proud about it even when we’re terrible.

When I’m not on-air talking about being an absolute hot mess, I’m out in the real world, actually being a hot mess. The quarter life crisis is absolutely real but I’m having a dang good time getting through it. I have the BEST group of friends you could ask for. Our spontaneous travel plans always make it out of the group chat whether it’s just going down the street for margs or across the country for a rowdy weekend somewhere.

While I love getting out-and-about, most days I’m impulse buying books on my phone. I know that makes me sound super brainy, but TBH I have to be bribed to read anything without romance in it. I’m not ashamed to admit I was a Twi-hard back in the day (Team Edward is the only answer) and have recently joined the BookTok craze around fantasy novels and rom-coms with cute cartoon covers.

If you’re like me and you also love listening to a good story, you’ve gotta turn on my podcast, The Break Up Break Down. Every week someone comes on to share their complicated, messy, and downright shocking breakup story. While we get the juicy details about people’s worst splits, it’s also a great launching pad for topical relationship issues. I often have experts and professionals come on to react to the stories and give their advice. What’s the point of hot goss without a lesson to go along with it?

Please say hi on any of my socials! All my handles are @theabbymurphy. You can catch me being cringy AF on TikTok, pretending to be a hot girl on Instagram, and quote-tweeting dramatic concert edits of Harry Styles on Twitter.