EBuzz Bites: Rumors From Channing & Jenna’s Divorce + Why Blake Lively Is Reaching Out To Fans

JENNA DEWAN is denying rumors that CHANNING TATUM’s partying and flirting caused their split.  (Full Story)

  RUSSELL CROWE would like you to know that the personal items he’s selling off in his divorce auction include his jockstrap from “Cinderella Man.”  (Full Story)

JAIME KING issued a statement about that guy attacking her car the other day.

MARK HAMILL doesn’t think CARRIE FISHER is replaceable as Princess Leia…even by MERYL STREEP.  (Full Story)

 In his first comments about the STORMY DANIELS situation, PRESIDENT TRUMP said he didn’t know about the $130,000 hush money payment.  (Full Story) a

 Check out a new trailer for “Fahrenheit 451.”  It hits HBO on May 19th.

 FRANCES BEAN COBAIN shared a piece of her first original song, which seems to pay tribute to her dad.  (Full Story)

There was a “Jeopardy!” contestant this week who was apparently an authority on REESE WITHERSPOON movies.  (Full Story)

Disney is developing a series for its upcoming streaming service based on the JOHN CUSACK movie “High Fidelity,” but with a woman in the lead.  (Full Story)

TERI HATCHER has launched her YouTube series “Van Therapy,” where she just pulls random strangers into her van and has conversations with them.  (Full Story)

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA is battling shingles.  (Full Story)

BLAKE LIVELY has personally reached out to fans, asking them to take pictures of her daughter off Instagram.  (Full Story)

A few years ago, ZACH BRAFF and DAX SHEPARD Face-swapped . . . and I know it’s kind of a click-baity thing to say, but the results may shock you.

Is KIM KARDSHIAN playing fast and loose with Photoshop again?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE reunited with the “Selfie Kid” from the Super Bowl before a show in Boston.

Why does JUSTIN BIEBER have “cash only” written on his pants?

BRAD PITT has been spending time with a hot MIT professor because of their shared love of architecture, but so far, nothing romantic is happening.

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