Bert Show Love: Week 8

We’re really feeling like the world needs a little more love right now, so we want to start spreading it, one place at a time – for 100 days.

That’s 100 acts of kindness over the next three months – and we want you to get in on it! Every day, how did you spread the love? For you, it could be a smile to a stranger, a compliment, or letting someone in front of you in traffic.

For us, we’re looking for the people who need help, so whether it’s big or small, let us know how you could use some Bert Show Love, here.


Day 50: Keity donated to a fundraiser for an individual in need after a terrible car wreck.
Day 51: Cassie reviewed a recent graduates résumé
Day 52: Tommy visited sick kids at CHOA!
Day 53: Davi left an uplifting VM for a listener that is discouraged.
Day 54: Moe, Walter & Keity went to Sweetwater to hang with a stressed listener.
Day 55: Moe made food for the homeless.
Day 56: Bert donated to help finish out a fundraiser to help students get Fire Tablets for the classroom!