Bert Show Love: Week 12

We’re really feeling like the world needs a little more love right now, so we want to start spreading it, one place at a time – for 100 days.

That’s 100 acts of kindness over the next three months – and we want you to get in on it! Every day, how did you spread the love? For you, it could be a smile to a stranger, a compliment, or letting someone in front of you in traffic.

For us, we’re looking for the people who need help, so whether it’s big or small, let us know how you could use some Bert Show Love, here.

Day 78: Kristin hosted the Closing Ceremonies at the Georgia 2-Day Walk! Over $1,070,000 was raised!!!

Day 79: Bert surprised a listener with 5SOS tickets!

Day 80: Cassie bought lunch at BarTaco Chastain for a firefighter chief in Dekalb County & his girlfriend, who are both listeners!

Day 81: Kristin delivered over 80 flowers and plants (thank you, Pike Nurseries, for donating and helping her delivery them!) to residents at Thrive Senior Living in Roswell and East Cobb!

Day 82:  Kristin is hosting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Couture for Kids! Get your tickets here to hang out with her and Davi and be a part of this incredible night!

Day 83:  Cassie helped listener Christine – who was majorly stuck on a haircut – come up with some ideas for a fresh look from her salon in Peachtree City! Check out some of the styles.

Day 84: Bert delivered surprise lunch to a loyal listener Chrissie Smith at Veritas Collaborative.