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Will Ryan Gosling Star in a “Willy Wonka” Prequel?

Will Ryan Gosling Star in a “Willy Wonka” Prequel?

You may not have known this, but you won’t be surprised:  There’s a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” prequel in the works.  There aren’t any plot details yet; all we know is that it’ll be about Willy Wonka when he was 29 to 35 years old.

In other words, this sounds like an ORIGIN STORY.  And hey girl, check THIS out:  RYAN GOSLING is reportedly interested in the part.  He’s 36, but he’s got that ADORABLE BABY FACE, you know.  (???)

They did address Wonka’s backstory a little bit in the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp movie in 2005, but nobody really liked that one, even though it’s actually more faithful to the original Roald Dahl book than Gene Wilder’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”


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