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What The @^$# Is That?! We Have A Winner For $4,000!

What The @^$# Is That?! We Have A Winner For $4,000!

What The #$@% Is That?!

What the @#$% is back! If you’ve got ears…we’ve got money! Listen each morning at 7:50/6:50C and at 8:50/7:50C for The Bert Show to play the secret sound. Be caller 100 and guess the sound and the money is yours! With every incorrect guess, the jackpot goes up!

Read the official rules.

Congrats to Missy for winning $4000 with the guess “a gas cap clicking shut and the lid shutting!”

Round 3: Congrats to Tracy, who just won $17,000 with a guess of a Double A battery rolling across a marble counter!


– When you put a quarter in the donation spirally thing and it goes all the way down.

– Skee balls rolling down the side alley of a skee ball game.

– A pool table you put the coins in and the balls drop

– Rolling a marble across a table

– Liquid/water of some type being poured from a high distance, trickling down onto plastic or metal

– A weed eater that would not start

– A gumball being dispensed in one of those twirly thingys that are sometimes in a gumball machine, it’s the gumball going down that.

– Luggage with wheels being rolled along a people mover at the airport

– A marble (pinball) rolling down a pinball machine

– A gumball rolling down one of those really tall gumball machines

– Taking a cup of liquid water and pouring it slowly in a stainless steel sink

– A wooden pencil rolling down a table

– A coin rolling on a wooden table

– A pencil rolling down a desk

– A marker rolling down a desk

– A marble rolling across a wooden floor

– A skateboard in a skate park

– A water faucet dripping slowly into a sink

– A crayon rolling on a desk

– An AA battery rolling down a wooden table

– A rolling pin rolling down a table

– A marble rolling down a wooden table

– Lipstick rolling across a table

– A screw rolling down a table

– A tube of mascara rolling across a table

– Chapstick rolling across a table

– A bottle of nail polish rolling across a table

– Lipstick rolling across the bathroom counter


Round 1: Congrats to Kim, who just won $3500 with the winning guess: pulling the tab off a soda can!
The Other Wrong Guesses:

Gas cap twisting on.
Old radio tuner dialing in.
Popper on the trouble game.
Soup can being opened.
Old time popcorn being popped.