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An Announcement About Wendy + A Letter From Bert

An Announcement About Wendy + A Letter From Bert

The Bert Show has an announcement about Wendy; Bert and the cast explain her depature in the audio clip below.

Wendy can still be reached by everyone who wants to send her a message on her Facebook page or on Twitter.

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Wendy’s Open Letter From Her Facebook Page:

To my Q100 and Bert Show family and our listeners:

To say it’s been a crazy past few days may be a bit of an understatement. My emotions have been overwhelming at times on both ends of the spectrum.I’m not going to lie, it’s scary to lose a job. My mind has been in a million directions; from shock, to wondering when and where I will find my next job, to thinking “wow, it’s nice to sleep in,” to “I know I’m going to be OK,” and then back to square one. With that array of emotions, it’s difficult to really put how I’m feeling into words. But here it goes.

It’s always in time of need, you see which people are truly there for you. I am overwhelmed by your outreach of support. I have seen and read every Facebook and Twitter post that you have left. Your supportive comments and well wishes have made me feel blessed. I want you to know how much I appreciate you letting me into your lives. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you; to laugh, cry, involve you in my family drama, share with you my not-so-good relationships, and allow me to boast in my current one. (No, Billy Elliot still hasn’t proposed). Thank you for allowing me to really grow-up with you. It’s been a journey. And I feel like my journey is just beginning.

You may have heard stories before about “radio” people starting at a small station. They move from city to city, station to station looking for the next big opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to not go through that process. Thanks to Susquehanna and Cumulus for the opportunity to work and grow at one station for 7 years. I have been at Q100 since I was 19-years-old back in May of 2004 as a promotions intern. Who knew then that this promotions girl, would then turn in to a phone screener? Who knew that that phone screener would be allowed the occasional opportunity to be on air? Who knew this on-air phone screener would eventually turn in to a co-host at night with Adam-Bomb? And who knew that Bert Weiss, host of one of the best morning shows out there, would notice this night show co-host and her talent? Well, he did. I came in to take over the traffic position, with the hopes of more on-air opportunities with a show that I listened to and a show that I was a fan of. Who could have dreamt of more?

I would like to thank Bert for that opportunity of becoming more than just a traffic reporter. He gave me the chance to grow; to find my own radio personality. I was even given a computer in studio for my traffic reports, so that I was able to interact on every segment during the show. No other traffic reporter was given that opportunity. I was a true member of the Bert Show. Thank you to Bert for that opportunity and for all your guidance through the years. I feel blessed to have sat next to Melissa Carter, one of the strongest women I know. She was my Mama Melissa, always giving me advice. She taught me to be fearless; to share my opinions regardless of what others thought. Jeff has taught me to laugh at myself. We all have faults and things we’d rather people not know. I learned to embrace those things and was able to laugh at myself. He is like a big brother I’ve never had; he would pick on me, but would be the first to have my back. Jenn has taught me confidence and to be true to myself. Jenn has been a great role model for me. She’s my big sister. From her I’ve learned that what I share on the air about myself is important. There is always someone out there that is in the exact same place as I am. She also taught me: to be a great interviewer is to listen. That’s one piece of advice I will never forget. To Tracey, you are a rock star. You are one of the hardest working people I know. Thanks for listening to me and having my back when I’ve needed it. To Dylan, a huge thank you for giving me my first chance in radio. Without your belief in me and your advice, I wouldn’t be where I am today. To Adam Bomb, thank you for letting me be your co-host for 2 years. I’ve learned from you that radio is fun and is a great place for creative minds. You’ve helped me get to that next step with the Bert Show. To Rob Roberts, thank you for helping me to improve and to be the best I could be. To the rest of my Bert Show family: Kristin, Tommy, Carl, Natalie, Josh, Cassie and Marisa, thanks for being my second family.

Like I said before, losing a job is scary, but I’ve got a great second family. We’re all trying to make it in this economy. Companies are trying to make it in this economy too. Budget cuts happen; down-sizing happens. I will be OK. Thank you again for all of your supportive thoughts and well wishes! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the next chapter in my life. :)


A Letter From Bert About Wendy:

Everybody on the Bert Show is supremely bummed that Wendy isn’t on the show any more. Wendy was a bottom line casualty. It sucks. It’s not necessarily fair. But it’s really that simple.

There are some of you that want to be mad at somebody/anybody because she won’t be on the show anymore. I can’t give you that answer ‘cause there’s really nobody to blame. Cumulus is a large, media company. And just because this is radio, we’re not any different than other industry.  The economy is bad and large companies have to find ways to save money; to consolidate.

I’m not mad at Cumulus. I’m not bitter. I can’t be. While I hate that this happened to my friend, this company has provided so many on the Bert Show so much over the years that I just can’t be upset with them. The Bert Show is a large staff. In our industry it’s an embarrassment of riches to have this many staff members and to have the kind of resources we have to ensure our success.  I hate that she won’t be part of the show but I just can’t be angry with this company because I understand the economics.

Wendy’s job was as Q100’s traffic reporter. She became an integral part of the Bert Show as she earned more mic time. But her first job was always as the traffic reporter.  She wasn’t contracted to be on the Bert Show like all the other members on mic.

Some of the posts have been pretty ignorant and hurtful. There is nobody in the studio that is even 1% happy Wendy isn’t involved on the show anymore.  This is an intimate atmosphere and we genuinely care for each other. This is our second family.  We spend stupid amounts of time with each other and have evolved and experienced each others growth and change for over a decade.

Some of you feel you have to insult one Bert Show member in order to compliment Wendy You have no idea how ridiculous your insults are.  For any of you to suggest that any other member of the staff could have saved her, you know nothing about how we champion each other.

Q100 and the Bert Show owe Wendy a tremendous Thank You. She worked a double shift for 7 years. She’s always done what’s asked of her. She works hard, never complains and constantly strives to improve.  In the right environment she’s going to do nothing except make a team better.  She’s taken a lot of shots over the years but has always tried to handle herself with grace and maturity.

To say she’s going to be missed sounds trite and a cliché. It’s much more than that. We share your disappointment that she won’t be part of the show anymore. And we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that she ends up in a better place.

– Bert Weiss