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Watch: Is This For Real? Did A Mom Actually Get A Gang Symbol Tattooed On Her Kid?!

We’re seriously hoping this video isn’t real, but it’s not looking too good. Check out this video below of a mom getting a GANG tattoo on her toddler.

A lot of people are outraged over the YouTube video that shows a three-year-old being held down and forced to get a TATTOO. According to a British tabloid, it happened in Havana, Cuba.

It’s not clear what the tattoo is of, but a website in the Dominican Republic claims it’s a “666” tattoo, and that his mom is a member of some cult called the Growing in Grace International Ministry.

They’re based around a guy who claims he’s the second coming of Jesus AND the Antichrist, but supposedly it’s not a Satanic thing.

Words fail us.

 Warning: the video is disturbing – it’s a child being tattooed against his will.