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An Update On Kristin’s Cousin Who Hit The Ground Without A Parachute While Skydiving

An Update On Kristin’s Cousin Who Hit The Ground Without A Parachute While Skydiving

We’ve talked a couple of times on the show about near-death experiences, and how sometimes you narrowly miss the accident that you’re pretty sure would have ended your time on Earth, but at the last minute there was some voice / sign / intuition that forced you to stop.

But what if you didn’t get a signal? Kristin’s 24-year-old cousin went skydiving (he does this for a job with Start Skydiving and he’s actually done over 3000 jumps, so he didn’t need to jump with a partner) and his parachutes failed to deploy. And all his family could do is watch from the ground (and above him in the air) as he hit the Earth at 40 – 50mph on his back.

His dad, who was in the air above him, used his military training to steer his parachute over to the building with the medical supplies rather than straight to his son, knowing that would help him the most…if his son was still alive.

When he got to his son, he was ALIVE…and on his cell phone calling 911. His dad used his medical training to asses the situation and get him on a back stretcher. After an eight and a half hour back surgery full of shattered and broken discs, somehow his spinal column was intact.

Two weeks later, he’s home from the hospital, done with professional physical therapy and is ALREADY WALKING. He’ll even run again. So, the big question: will he ever go back up in the sky?

Yep, and Kristin promised to go with him – and she went through with it!

The Short Of It

The Long Version

The Update

It’s been years since the accident, and Kristin has an update!