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Tom Brady Skipped the Patriots’ White House Visit

Tom Brady Skipped the Patriots’ White House Visit

The New England Patriots visited the White House yesterday to celebrate their Super Bowl win, but TOM BRADY was a no-show.  However, it didn’t have anything to do with politics or a falling out with his BFF President Trump.

Brady released a statement thanking Trump for supporting the team, and said, quote, “In light of some recent developments, I am unable to attend [the] ceremony, as I’m attending to some personal family matters.”

He didn’t elaborate, but the “Boston Herald” says he was probably opting to spend time with his mom, who’s in town from California.  As you may have heard, she’s fighting cancer.

Interestingly, Brady also didn’t make the Patriots’ last visit to the White House two years ago in 2015, and that time he also cited family commitments.  He did show up after all three Super Bowl wins during the George W. Bush years.

WAY more Patriots showed up for Obama in 2015 than for him yesterday.