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To The Parents Of Lazy Millennials: Bert Says It’s YOUR Fault

To The Parents Of Lazy Millennials: Bert Says It’s YOUR Fault

We’ve been dealing with Kim the last few days – she’s made national attention, and is so infuriating that even millennials want to defend themselves against her.

Tough Love to Parents About Your Lazy Millennial

If you’re a parent complaining about your entitled, lazy kid, guess what? YOU created that!

For the last week, I’ve been super critical about Kim, the “Millennial that all Millennials hate.” She’s the 22-year-old college student that blew her college fund, leaving herself one year short, and blamed her parents. Her excuses and sense of entitlement all week have driven me crazy. “Get a job while I’m going to school, are you crazy?” “OMG, you what? Want me work in the cafeteria at school? How embarrassing!”

Her story struck clearly struck a nerve ‘cause Cosmo, FOX News, Yahoo, Mashable, and Reddit all picked up the story and the comments were pretty much the same: Millennials suck.

STOP. JUST STOP. If your Millennial son or daughter is one of those lazy, entitled twentysomethings who are not capable of taking care of themselves, guess whose fault that is? The PARENTS of the Millennial.

You didn’t give your kids chores. You didn’t teach them how to budget. You tied their shoes ’til they were 15. You let them play video games 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. You never had them make their own breakfast. You cut their steak into little pieces for them. You didn’t teach him how to open a car door for a woman. You corrected their teachers and principal when your kid got in trouble ‘cause your little angel “wasn’t capable of that kind of behavior.” You bought them everything they wanted and never made them earn a thing.

You, parents, now created the twentysomething that has no life skills. You, parents, created the kid with no work ethic.

I am the father of two sons. By the time they leave my house I am required to make sure they are CAPABLE, RESPECTFUL, MINDFUL GENTLEMEN…THAT’S IT. That’s on me. They are not going to achieve that if I expect television/the Internet to raise them. Or the next-door neighbor. Or a coach, etc. My adult children will be a reflection of their parents. PERIOD.

We, as parents, have to take a real hard look in the mirror and stop making excuses for our lazy parenting. We’re making it so easy for them as kids that they have no life skills, nor have any idea how to deal with adversity ‘cause we coddled them so much.

Don’t complain about your incapable child because YOU made him/her INCAPABLE. Don’t complain about your lazy child because you taught them that was acceptable. If you “worry about our future,” you might have contributed to its “demise” ‘cause you raised a kid that can’t contribute to it.

If my kid sucks, it’s not his teachers’ fault. It’s not Minecraft’s fault. It’s not the Internet’s fault. It’s not society’s fault. It’s mine. Period.

So don’t look at your kids with disappointing eyes. Look at yourself.