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Are Thieves Are Targeting Celebrities On Instagram?

Are Thieves Are Targeting Celebrities On Instagram?

If there are any two people I would expect to be polar opposites, it would be Kim Kardashian and Alanis Morisette, but maybe that’s not the case.

Last Thursday, thieves broke into Alanis’ house in Brentwood and stole $2 million worth of her jewelry. Nobody was home and nobody got hurt, but police noted one similarity to the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris last year…

Alanis had a habit of showing off her jewelry on the Internet and some of it’s worth thousands of dollars. Cops say celebrities are making it too easy, because thieves are using social media to determine who’s got stuff worth taking, and when they won’t be home.

Check out some pics of Alanis showing off her bling, here.