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The Stores With The Best (And Borderline Most Unbelievable) Return Policies

The Stores With The Best (And Borderline Most Unbelievable) Return Policies

Returns and refunds – the bane of the shopper’s existence. Go Banking Rates has found the top ten retailers with the best, and in some cases, borderline unbelievable, return policies. (Side note: just remember, retailers still have the right to refuse some returns.)

Did you wear your L.L. Bean slippers down so much the sole came off? No problem. Buy a pair of pants that you never wore and kept in your closet for two years? Nordstrom will take them back. At Target and realized that you don’t have the receipt for the kid’s toy you bought for your second cousin once-removed’s kid’s birthday? They’ve got you covered.

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1. Kohl’s – As long as you have your receipt, there’s no time limit. 
“Return any item, anytime, for any reason. Have your receipt? You’ll get a full refund or even exchange. No receipt? No problem. We’ll give you a refund, an exchange or Merchandise Credit.”


2. Zappos – You have 365 days to return!
“If an extreme circumstance comes up and you do not have the original packaging, which includes the LPN bar code, please print out the Confirmation Page (the final page of the return process) and include it in your shipping box. This is considered a courtesy for our wonderful customers.”


3. Macy’s – You’ve got 6 months.
You can return any online item to a store, and you have six months to return your purchases. Only caveat: unless the product defect is their fault, you don’t get refunded shipping.


4. Target  – No receipt? No Problem!
90-day window for returns, while certain things get 45 days. What if you lost your receipt? If you used a debit or credit card, they can look up the purchase electronically and issue you a refund. Every year you’re also allowed to return up to $70 worth of merchandise without any proof of purchase at all – they’ll just issue a gift card.


5. Nordstrom – No time limit!
Picked up a t-shirt you never wore? No problemo. Bring it back…even if it’s way later.


6. REI – Take it back any time, for any reason.
“If you’re ever dissatisfied with an item, you may return or exchange your REI.com or REI-OUTLET.com purchases at any REI store or through mail order.”


7. L.L. Bean – Return anything, any time, for any reason, no matter the condition.
“Guaranteed to Last” policy at L.L. Bean means you can return anything, anytime, no matter what condition it’s in.


8. Trader Joe’s – Try it, don’t like it, bring it back.
If you buy some food and when you tried it, realized that it’s not exactly up your alley, no worries. Just bring it back!


9. Whole Foods – Tastes gross? Get your money back.
Whole Foods has a return policy similar to Trader Joe’s. If you don’t like what you bought, bring it back – even if you’ve already opened it.


10. Costco – Anytime, anything, no receipt.
With Costco you never need a receipt, because everything is associated with your membership. You can return any item back to Costco at pretty much any time – even years later (except for electronics – there’s a 90 day window for those returns). Bonus: they also can refund online shipping charges.



Source: GoBankingRates.com