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The Holidays Are Expensive, But You Can Save Some Cash By Avoiding These 13 Gifts

The Holidays Are Expensive, But You Can Save Some Cash By Avoiding These 13 Gifts

Holiday gifts have gotten more and more expensive, so we’ve got the thirteen things to avoid this season – it’ll save you some cash in the long run, so you can double dip into that holiday fund. Everyone wins! Except maybe Santa…who gets him a gift?


Yes, they sparkle. And shine. And you have to have to have one (what else are you going to display the virtual yule log on?) But those prices? Jacked up during the holidays! (Duh).  Here’s the deal:  wait until February. Those prices will start dropping in the new year, when companies start rolling out the newer models. You might be able to find a deal or two before the Super Bowl, but after is your best bet.  We’re talking a few hundred dollars here, people.

Ok, number one, WHY ARE YOU BUYING LINENS for a Holiday gift?! (Yes, we’re yelling. Do you want pillowcases in your stocking? Didn’t think so).  Two: wait for January’s “white sales” – you could score prices savings ranging from 10% to 60%.


Really? Really. Is that the message you want to say? I love you dad / boyfriend / husband, but really – I told you to fix that door hinge two weeks ago. Get on it. Save the tool chest for the new year (but before Father’s Day) – you can see discounts of around 25%.


Snow Blowers
Look, it’s a pretty simple economics lesson.  If you buy anything during peak season, it’s going to be more expensive. No one wants to be outside in the cold, wet, dirty snow anyway (and if you’re lucky enough to live in the south, you’re probably laughing your butt off right now). Buy the blowers in March, when you could see a 30-40% savings, and until then, snuggle down by the fire and ignore the Christmas Carolers who are trying to get to your front door.


Sure, you want to capture those Christmas memories on (ahem, digital) film. Hang on to your older model, and save yourself 30% when you buy a new one in late February. They’ll be rolling out 2012’s models, so you can score the mere months “outdated”  2011 model on the cheap. Celebrate your “proud to be an American-ness” and shop on Presidents’ Day for super sales.


Ok, remember what we said about economics lessons (see “Snow Blowers)? Pick up your clothing when retailers are rolling out their spring lines, also known as in February and March. Stock up for the following winter and avoid the high prices.


One line: buy your skis when the snow season comes to a close. March and April are your best bet – then stick them in the tool shed you just bought at discounted prices, and break ’em out, brand new for the slopes the next fall.


Like pretty much everything else, you can get a new “old” model for less once the new pieces are rolled out in February. So, when furniture stores are trying to clear stock in January – if you can handle last season’s fabric (shudder) on your three-seater – we say go for it…it could save you up to 50%.


Year-end sales are commonplace, and when dealers are moving out the old inventory, you can move some new inventory…into your driveway.  According to Kiplinger: “TrueCar, which collects automobile data, estimates prices on all vehicles nationwide will average 9.3% below sticker price on December 31 – the steepest discount of the month.”


Unless you’re going way south of the equator, December is COLD.  So, cruise lines know that when that warm weather rolls around, you – and everyone who has seen a temperature drop under 40 degrees this winter – will the jockying for a nice, relaxing cruise under the sun. Which means, in turn, they’re going to offer up some sweet deals between January – March.


It’s pretty common knowledge that people don’t ride in snow, so logic would tell us that bikes are cheaper in the winter. Ehhh…close, but no cigar (people still like them as holiday gifts, apparently). Wait until after the holidays to hit the bike paths and save some cash.


Gym Memberships
Let’s see, on our New Year’s Resolution List…eat more fatty foods. NOT. Everyone and their mom, and their mom’s mom and so on and so forth joins the gym for the new year. They’ll taper off by spring, though, with only the die hards (who are you?!) sticking it out. Go for the gym membership when swimsuit season is already upon us – also known as June. Buy that bike in January and do that to get in shape until then.


Source: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance