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Check Out Big Thank You Pictures And Thank You Letters From The Troops!

Check Out Big Thank You Pictures And Thank You Letters From The Troops!

Every single soldier stationed or deployed outside the United States deserves to receive a letter of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. We want to give our troops a “Big Thank You” with a little taste of home this Thanksgiving.

In 2007, 375,000 letters to troops all over the world were successfully sent. In 2011, The Bert Show community help to express a BIG THANK YOU with over 405,000 letters! This year, we also met our goal – providing a letter of appreciation to each service member deployed outside the United States. We only did this with your help – thank you for pulling together to make this project a success!

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I just wanted to say that we received 300 of your letters to hand out to the troops. We got the letters in the mail the day before Thanksgiving and myself and 2 other soldiers decided to give them to the soldiers when they went to the chow hall to get their thanksgiving meal. You all brought a lot of smiles to the faces of many troops. We thank you and your listeners for thinking of us. Attached are some photos from thanksgiving when we gave out the letters. There will be another email attached to make sure you get all
the photos. Take care and have a wonderful day.

SSG Sabrina Lindahl
FOB Spin Boldak
Kennel NCOIC








Dear Sir,

I received your Thanksgiving Cards from the Children in your listening area and wanted to say Thank You from Bagram Afghanistan. But a simple Thank You would not suffice for me, so I took a picture with some of the personnel I deliver mail to with some of the cards and am placing the rest on each dining table at the DFAC for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. I respect what you do and know that you put a smile on a lot of faces this holiday season.

Thank You all So very Much from the 1ST
Sustainment Brigade!


SPC Laura Smith
1ST Sustainment Brigade Mailroom
Bagram Airfield



Hi there Tommy or anyone else that is reading.

First off thank you so much for supporting us soldiers and putting together these awesome letters. Honestly it really does mean a lot to all of us. The letters bought joy, laugher, and even tears. Afghanistan really isn’t that bad and I read in some of the letters that some of them want to join the Military one day. Joining the Army has changed my life. It’s like a brother/sister hood of people you just connect with. Even if you are
consider odd there is still someone that you can call your sister or brother. Afghanistan is a learning experience for all of us, but it’s also an awesome Adventure.

I happened to come across one letter where a young female didn’t leave her name and she drew a smiley face with X’s and the tongue sticking out. In the letter she said that she was an un popular girl at her school. I wanted to write her back but again she didn’t leave her name or an address. I wish there was a way that I can talk to her and just tell her that everything is going to alright.

We are the FSC 178 Engineer Battalion and our home unit is back in South Carolina. We all would like to say thank you so much for all that you are doing for us it really does mean a lot.


SPC Courtney Strong
FSC Admin
TF Prolwer, FSC 178 EN BNn



Dear The Bert Show and show supports:

I’m a Soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan, been here about 3 months. I regularly help with the mail for our unit. The other day we received a large shipment amount of boxes. I helped stack the mail and went about my business. Later that same day one of our Soldiers came to me and said they received 200 letters from The Bert Show for members of our unit. We hand delivered a letter to every member of the unit. It made me feel so good to be a part of the Big Thank You. Your letters and efforts really made me feel that we were not forgotten; it was especially good during Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work in all you do.

Big Thank You Back.

Very Respectably

Sergeant First Class
Lynn Wallace
Task Force Renegade

160th Military Policy Battalion (Forward)


Hello The Bert Show:

Thank you very much for the letters! We […] sat down after dinner and read the letters to
each other. It was a great time. We enjoyed the pictures and drawings and lots of the letters made us laugh! They all brought smiles to our faces!

Enclosed is a picture at our camp.

Thanks again for the letters!

Have a great day!

MSG Jennings, Tadd
Camp Qargha



The Bert Show,

Good Afternoon,

I would like to personally thank you and everyone else who had made this possible! I received your 250 letters today and distributed them among the 3rd BCT 101st ABN DIV (AASLT) “Rakkasan”. I cannot speak for everyone but from the ones I closely work with we are greatly appreciated for the letters we received.

Thank you

SFC Nieman




To the Bert show,

My name is Specialist Tom Ellis and I am deployed to Afghanistan with a Unit from NY. I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to the fans of your show that took their personal time to write letters to
those of us that are deployed. You would be surprised how much it raises our spirits especially this time of year when we are all away from our families. I know personally I have spent 5 Holiday seasons away from my
family in my time in the military and I have 7 children. Yes that really is not a typo I really have 7 children. I love my family very much and every day I pray that my sacrifices keep my children and other children from having to do what I do. Do not get me wrong I love being in the military I would not change what I do for anything.

The guys in my section really appreciate the words of thanks and praise that you all sent to us. There are 8 of us in my section and although we get some mail from our families, it is not the same as hearing from
others that are supporting us. Our families support us in everything that we do and know the sacrifices that we have to make as military members. Please feel free to e mail back to this address or another of my e mail addresses that I will enclose.

Again thank you for all of your support and if anyone would like to continue writing I will enclose my address and they can get it from you I will do my best to respond to each and every single letter that I do receive.

SPC Thomas E. Ellis Jr.
101 ESB A CO SR Mechanic
101 ESB A CO Driver’s training Instructor



To whom it may concern,

I wanted to personally thank you and your show for such a wonderful program in which you send letters to our deployed Soldiers. I received 100 letters today and I shared them all with my fellow Soldiers. It brought a smile to everyone who read them, Mission Accomplished.

Please Thank all who participate in this program from all of us here.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays

SSG Carlos M. Pagan
Regional Command South, Afghanistan
101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion

“If you are the leader, your people expect you to create their future. They look into your eyes, and they expect to see strength and vision. To be successful, you must inspire and motivate those who are following you. When they look into your eyes, they must see that you are with them.”

The Bert Show and the Sisters of the PHI MU Sorority,

Today we’ve received your letters. My Soldiers, and myself are very appreciative and very grateful by the love and support that you and your listeners have shown…..It is extremely humbling. It is hard for most to be away from their loved ones, especially during the holiday seasons. It is a morale booster to know that we have an “extended family” in our AMERCICAN citizens (brothers and sisters) who can appreciate and acknowledge what we do for them and neighboring countries. We make these sacrifices everyday for the freedoms of the world, and we wouldn’t change that for anything. To see the smiles on the faces of our nation’s children, to feel the pulse of the heartbeat of America….that is what it is all about!!! So THANK YOU, America, for being incredibly awesome as a whole. We do this for you!!

Thank you


SGT Damon, Desmond D.

Dear The Bert Show,

Thank you so much for all the cards you sent. I actually got it the day before Thanksgiving, which was perfect timing! It made it more special. I always pass everything around to the soldiers. I love seeing their smiles, it makes everything even more worthwhile. Thank you for all you do to make sure we feel loved and unforgotten. You are truly an angel looking over us. Believe me words will never be
able to express the gratitude I feel everytime someone sends me a letter or card, or care package. It makes an unfamiliar land seem more like home esp. with the holidays around the corner. Thank you again for all you do. It is hard to send pictures here due to opsec violations, but we do have a facebook page that we update with pics all the time. Go to 4-3 Air Defense Artillery and like us and you will be able to keep up with our battalion, and you will also receive those updates also. If you would like, you can write back, I always correspond with everyone who writes to me. I have saved every letter or card or drawing everyone has sent to me and will continue to. I cherish them!


SGT Marmol, Laura
Camp Arifjan
APO AE 09366

Kevin Burke
Hello this is SSG Burke. I just wanted to thank you all for the letters that you sent me and my unit who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I actually tried to call you to thank you during the show but the phone here wont let me call a 1-800 number. I wanted to especially thank the students of Providence Christian Academy, who were the majority of the letters we recieved. It means alot to us that you all took the time to put this together and for everyone to take the time out of their day to write a letter to a person they dont even know. I recieved them today and I was able to pass them out to all of the soldiers here in my company. I encouraged as many of the soldiers to write back to whoever wrote their letter as there were many people who included addresses or email addresses in their letters. I personally read all 100 letters that arrived here and was moved by the kind words from everyone. I especially enjoyed the letter that asked why all the soldiers here dont have shields like Captain America. I grew up in Atlanta, I went to St. Pius X for high school, and my family and fiancee live in Atlanta as well. I used to listen to your show driving to school everyday. Thank you again so much for the kindness and the time you all took to make this happen.

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Kristin’s brother, Morgan, a Staff Sergeant in the Marines joins the show to share what those letters really mean to troops overseas – especially those that don’t receive any correspondence from home.

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The sweetest 10-year-olds, Parker and Ella, led the effort at their school – and managed to get students to write 113 letters!

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Good news, we hit our Big Thank You goal of 207,816 letters! We talk to SPC Matt Brejda about The Big Thank You:
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