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The Average Office Romance Costs Businesses About $100,000!

The Average Office Romance Costs Businesses About $100,000!

If you’d just stop having sex with your coworkers, it would be GREAT for American business. A new study found that the average office romance costs a business just over $100,000.

Sometimes that’s from lost productivity, but sometimes they have to spend money on a job search if someone quits after a breakup, and sometimes they even have to use the money on legal issues that come up.

Not that it’s discouraging people from getting-it-on with their coworkers.  75% of the people surveyed say they’ve at least considered an office romance , 54% have had one, nd 27% have had more than one.

Only 20% of people who have had an office romance say they’ve been disciplined by their company for doing it.  And only 6% of people say their employer has an outright ban on office relationships.


Source: The Press And Journal