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If You’ve Ever Done This (And Everyone Has), You Need To Check Yourself

If You’ve Ever Done This (And Everyone Has), You Need To Check Yourself

It’s the dreaded swimsuit season: most women struggle to find that perfect suit…and in the journey to dig it up out of some remote corner where it’s hiding out, you try on a lot of unflattering duds…that can make you feel AWFUL about yourself.

Well, it’s time to take back our bodies and DESTROY the fear of bathing suit season. The reality is we don’t all look like models; what works for one woman won’t work for another.

The reality is that woman are so different, and it doesn’t matter if you’re naturally rail thin or naturally heavier, if you’re busty or flat chested, or if you’ve got a pear shape or are rockin’ the apple look. Women are all unique and are all beautiful.

So, OWN your body, take back the fear, and post a picture of yourself in your bathing suit on Instagram or Twitter (or both!) by using the hashtag #SuitYourself with something you LOVE about yourself.



HLN’s Weekend Express Covered #SuitYourself!

Check out Cassie on HLN’s “Weekend Express” with Lynn Berry talking about #SuitYourself!

For everyone who’s still concerned about posting their pics online, last year there was NOTHING but positivity.


Skinny, tall, short, wide, board-like, curvy, boy-shaped, apple-shaped, pear-shaped: ALL WOMEN ARE REAL. Post a pic of yourself in your bathing suit & let’s show what real women look like! #SuitYourself