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A Very Special Father’s Day Surprise For This Committed Dad

A Very Special Father’s Day Surprise For This Committed Dad

We wanted to help listeners who wanted to honor the dads in their lives, and that’s when we received an email from Kelly about her husband and amazing dad, Pascal.

They have three children, and their youngest, Julia, who’s almost three, has a severe form of cerebral palsy – she can’t sit, move, speak, or eat on her own.

Well, Pascal loves triathlons, and wants to start taking his daughter, Julia, with him…but they just moved into a more handicap accessible house…and that special kind of triathlon equipment is expensive.

Enter Carolyn Polakowski, the Executive Director of the Fragile Kids Foundation. They’re donating the equipment Pascal needs: a premium child bicycle trailer, which he’ll be able to hook up to his bike and have Julia ride with him safely (it also converts into a jogger/stroller, so he can run with her during the running leg), and a pack raft so that Julia can ride along with him while he swims – it even comes with a “spray deck” that will keep her dry!

And Jeff’s friend, Brent Pease, runs triathlons with his brother Kyle, who also has cerebral palsy (they created The Kyle Pease Foundation);  he’s going to help Pascal achieve his dream of competing with Julia.

Kelly’s Letter:

Hi there,

I have been looking for a way to surprise my amazing husband, and I am hoping you can help!

We have three gorgeous children together, ages 11, 9, and almost 3. Our sweet three year old has a very severe form of cerebral palsy, which means that brain damage that occurred shortly after birth has left her unable to sit, move, speak, or eat on her own. She requires constant care and is comparable to a three month old developmentally.

Many men shut down when they are faced with a diagnosis like cerebral palsy, but Pascal has risen to the occasion. He spent late nights after work and after bedtime for our big kids reading to her for hours on end during her four month NICU stay, and he us an equal partner in shuttling her to her endless therapy appointments, while still taking time to be very involved in our older kids’ activities as well.

Through it all, he leans on physical activity to keep him sane. A triathlete veteran, he now hopes to start participating in triathlons with Julia by his side. She currently loves accompanying him on his jogs, and giggles uncontrollably when he’s panting while pushing her up a steep hill. Unfortunately, the modified stroller and bike are pricey, and after a recent move into a handicapped accessible home, our budget is tight! I would love to surprise him with the equipment he needs to make this dream a reality!

Thanks so much for your consideration!