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Texting Tutor: The Girlfriend Strikes Back And We Get Chewed Out!

Texting Tutor: The Girlfriend Strikes Back And We Get Chewed Out!

Liv has always gotten along with her in-laws, even though she’s been divorced from their son for three years. Her family lives really far away, and since she’s been part of their family for years (he’s PART of the family), they don’t see any reason why she shouldn’t come.

So she’s going to her ex in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving- in fact, she’s been going there every year since the divorce, but this year, her ex (who had a falling out with the family) is gonna be there. And he has ZERO idea she’s showing up. AND he’s seeing someone new.

Sounds like a good idea, no? Whelp, no one gave him the heads up…so imagine his surprise when he walked in and saw her there! But what we DIDN’T see coming was what happened AFTER dinner!


But since then, they haven’t really talked besides a couple of texts…and now she doesn’t know how to bring it up again. So, we’re gonna help her out: we’ll tell her what to text the person you’re into, line by line…but she HAS to PROMISE to write EXACTLY what we tell her to.

If you ever want us to do a Texting Tutor for YOU, hit us up at producer@thebertshow.com!

Well, we got her the date – but some of y’all were NOT happy about what we did.

And neither is the girlfriend of Liv’s ex…and she chews us OUT. But we have some questions…