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PT 3 – How To Pick Solid Bridesmaids So You Don’t Get Burned

PT 3 – How To Pick Solid Bridesmaids So You Don’t Get Burned

Kristin’s getting married, and now we’re at the stage where she’s considering bridesmaids. Producer Davi is a newlywed, and has some advice for her when it comes to asking those besties to become bridesmaids so Kristin doesn’t get burned:

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– Ask her for help with something! If the first thing she says is “What do I have to do?” – maybe I’m reading too much into this – but I think there is a big difference between “What can I help with?” and “What do I have to do?” Ugh – that person sounds obligated, right?

– Negative about marriage? Makes fun of matrimony, teases you, offers up Debbie Downer statistics. You don’t want that chick in your bridal party.

– Flakes on plans frequently for work or because of money / overall doesn’t commit to things because they’re a free spirit. This person doesn’t need anything extra on their plate right now. And you’ll get tired of the excuses.

– Complains, negative, points out flaws in every wedding decision. When someone is picky it makes the whole dress buying process way longer than it needs to be. Is this lady a team player or a soloist? Is she Destiny’s Child or Beyonce?

-Are they Shy or insecure in front of people? Don’t torture the girl by asking her to be a bridesmaid! She’ll have anxiety from the minute she says yes. They don’t want to be seen!

– Do they text when you’re talking/delegating? Rude!

– Beware of the Fidgety, Short attention span, and combative broads. They’re used to getting their way ALL THE TIME and a flighty bridesmaid is a frustrating bridesmaid.

– In every girl group there is the dramatic crier that is easily bored and starved for attention. Right? Unless you want to share the spotlight, this is bad news.

– Always super “busy” but the only progress you see are beach pictures on Facebook. This is the type of person that will ask for hair/makeup to be done and then bail on contributing any money to help.

– Are they a fan of you? Do they like your fiancé? Do they support marriage in general?

You’re a woman with intuition – USE IT. You know if someone is genuinely excited to be involved. No offense to you but not everyone will see it as an honor. Some will be obligated too scared to tell you NO when you ask them to be a bridesmaid. Some people just like to be a part of a group but will be dead weight when it comes to helping out. Look for real enthusiasm!

If you already chose one of those people – it’s too late for you. They’re a little extra work, meaning you’ll have a hard time staying in touch – you’ll have to repeat things a hundred times – and you should definitely touch base a few weeks before the wedding to make sure she remembered to hem her dress. That extra 4 inches of fabric crumpled up at her feet in all your pictures for life is NOT OKAY.

Ultimately, this person is a special little snowflake that needs extra care. Smile – because you do love them so! Use your words, communicate plans way in advance.
There are only two reasons for a bad bridesmaid –

Inexperience/They’re naive and need things repeated a lot.

or 2….