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It’s Official: We’re Living In The Future

It’s Official: We’re Living In The Future

It’s official: we’re living in the future, and we’re basically The Jetsons. Cassie is OBSESSED with these Amazon Dash buttons she just ordered…and it’s basically a magic button for lazy people.

You get it for the brand you want, and when you’re running low on whatever: dog food, toilet paper, baby products, paper towels, condoms, Gatorade, trash bags, RedBull, ziploc bags, Mac n’ Cheese, laundry detergent, basically WHATEVER (there’s a different button for each thing), you just push it…and Amazon automatically delivers it to your door.


The 'burbs made me so basic…or it's probs just that I'm inherently lazy, but I'm doing everything in my power not to order a ZILLION more Amazon Dash buttons. Mildly OBSESSED.

Posted by Cassie Young on Thursday, April 7, 2016