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A News Station Accidentally Aired A Photo Of A Dude’s Junk

A News Station Accidentally Aired A Photo Of A Dude’s Junk

A Fox affiliate accidentally showed a picture of a dude’s equipment for about one second during a morning show in Denver yesterday.

It happened while they were scrolling through a live Twitter feed of photos of the news helicopter that crashed in Seattle, but suddenly the feed started showing RANDOM photos, like one of Edward Scissorhands…then the junk shot.

Three of the four anchors immediately saw it, and reacted, while the fourth anchor had no idea.

The affiliate issued this statement:

While reporting breaking news about the crash of the KOMO-TV helicopter in Seattle, FOX31 Denver accidentally broadcast an offensive photo while scrolling live through a Twitter feed of pictures from the crash scene.

The photo was mistakenly broadcast by our control room. It did not come from the tablet many viewers saw being used by one of our anchors.

We apologize for the inadvertent broadcast of the image and we are taking immediate steps to prevent such an accident from happening again.

Watch the video here – but be warned, it contains nudity.