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Motivation By Humiliation: Here’s Bert’s Pic With NO Censor Bar!

Motivation By Humiliation: Here’s Bert’s Pic With NO Censor Bar!

New year, same old story. You want to lose weight, but you just don’t have the motivation, drive or heart to stick with it. We get it!

Schedules get busy, you get tired, there’s no time for gym – and forget cooking. All that meal planning? Forget it: we’re doing delivery again.

Well, we’re hoping we can help you out by motivating you through humiliation…but there’s a catch. It’s OUR humiliation, not yours.

We’re talking naked on a billboard humiliation.

We’ll each choose one person to back. Whoever’s person loses the *least* percentage of body weight, that Bert Show member’s NAKED photo will go up on billboards.

We’ll set you up with a trainer because we want you to do this the RIGHT and HEALTHY way. No crash diets, no not eating, no unhealthiness. This journey is all about a positive lifestyle change that benefits your body and mind.

It had been SO CLOSE between Bert and Kristin’s contestants…it was a matter of a fraction of a percentage point between the two of them.

SO…Bert lost the bet…and here’s the billboard!

Here’s the one the billboard company *let* us put up:

Here’s the one we WANTED to put up:


BUT. BUT. BUT. Y’all are NOT ok with this. SOME of you either shamed Bert for being fit, saying that wasn’t embarrassing (hey, it doesn’t matter HOW you look – being naked for the world to see – unless you’re used to it – is uncomfortable.)

OR you said that it wasn’t embarrassing ENOUGH, and that he needed to show MORE. So here you go: the INITIAL picture of Bert. No censor bar. Full body shot WITH legs. No nothing that we added after the fact covering him. Happy now?!

And here’s the billboard with Caitlyn, who lost, just like she promised!


All the #MotivationByHumiliation contestants! Look out for a naked @bertshowbert on that billboard!

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The Background

Trainer number 1 – Brian’s trainer – is Trainer Corey Taylor from A&E’s “Fit to Fat to Fit!” (You might remember him from our wake up call!)

Trainer number 2 – Kristin’s trainer – is Takeela Reddrick!

Trainer number 3 – Meet Bert’s trainer, Antares “A.B.” Brown. He’s skilled in personal training, class instructor, is CPR certified, and specializes in weight Loss/ lean muscle building, conditioning, Body sculpting, lifestyle coaching, diabetic counseling. Find him at the Forum Athletic Club 3393 Peachtree Rd NE in Atlanta!

We brought our contestants in studio Caitlin (Bert’s pick), Kayla (Kristin’s pick), and Cara (Brian’s pick) for the initial weigh-in! FixMetrix is hooking them up with heart rate monitors and their training app so we can monitor their progress!


And if YOU want to lose weight, Brian’s trainer from A&E’s “Fit to Fat to Fit,” Corey Taylor, is offering FREE workout classes…you don’t even have to leave your home to do it! He’ll be live streaming them! Join this Facebook group to get updates about when it’s happening!