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Loyalty Pays: Thank You For Sticking With Us! One Loyal Listener Just Won $10,000!

Loyalty Pays: Thank You For Sticking With Us! One Loyal Listener Just Won $10,000!

For over a decade you’ve allowed us to make Atlanta our home. Now, it’s our  chance to say thank YOU, Atlanta, for sticking with us all these years. Look out for us around town as we surprise you with gifts of thanks for our most loyal friends for taking this amazing journey by our side, and remember…loyalty pays!

Kim D. just won TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! We told you Loyalty Pays!
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Week 1

We Buy Your Gas!

Jeff and Q100 headed out to the Kroger Gas in City Walk, Sandy Springs, to pick up the gas tab for a TON of Bert Show listeners – check out a few of the pics!

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We’re Taking Care Of Your Groceries!

Kristin and Jenn headed to a couple of Krogers on Sugar Loaf Parkway and Steve Reynolds Boulevard in Duluth and picked up the grocery bill for Bert Show listeners…and seriously, that’s it. We just wanted to pay for groceries – no catch!

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Let Us Take Care Of Breakfast!

The crew headed out to Einstein’s and other breakfast places in the Sandy Springs area to jump start the day.

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We’ve Got Lunch Today

Jeff was at the Jersey Mike’s in Loehmann’s Plaza off Briarcliff Road and picked up the tab during the lunch rush for a bunch of listeners, and Bert headed to Smyrna to pick up lunch and gas at Jersey Mike’s, Cumberland Mall, McDonald’s, Aldi and QT!

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Week 2

Kristin & Jeff Are Picking Up Your Grocery Tab!

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You know what? We want to pay your car note this month.

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And we surprise one long time Bert Show listener (who figured out Kristin’s phone number and gave her a call) with a little cash love for listening for so long!

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Lou here’s got a RIDICULOUSLY long commute (as in 74 miles long), and has listened to us every day for YEARS. So, let’s pay him back. We’re picking up his truck payment for not one, but TWO months!

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These moms are at their breaking point – they’re even about to go on strike things are so bad! For one mom, you can hear the total exhaustion in the way she speaks, and another – you can just hear the strain and tears coming through in her voice. So we’re gonna take care of them with a couple of presents: a thousand dollars for one and a trip to see her mom in Texas for the other!

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Another car note, on us!
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And you, you, you AND YOU get a car note paid!
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And YOU get a car note!
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One listener calls up with 7 coworkers on the line who ALL listen to The Bert Show…so we’re giving them all $250!

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And one of our LONG time listeners who always calls in and tweets us, Kenya, is getting paid BIG time – with $1000!
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Now we want to take care of your mortgage or rent!
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One Bert Show listener who happened to be caller 100 is going through a REALLY tough time…she and her kids are currently homeless; they’re shacking up in a motel. So we want to make it a little easier for her. With $2000!

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And just because we love y’all – a few more $500 surprises!
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Week 3

We’re paying for your tickets into Netherworld…AND getting you to the front of the line!

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More winners!

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Social Media Director Cassie’s Picking Up Your Target tab!


Week 4

Let us pick up your childcare tab!
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We’ve got more winners!

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Kristin And Social Media Director Cassie  Pick Up Your Wal*Mart tab!



Week 5

Let us take care of cleaning your house for the Holidays:

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Dirty house? Consider it cleaned.

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We’ve got loyalty paying off for Stephanie!

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And for Teresa!

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We’re giving $1000 away every hour!
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