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Listen to Shia LaBeouf Scream at the Cops During His Arrest + He Admits He’s Sunk to a “New Low”

Listen to Shia LaBeouf Scream at the Cops During His Arrest + He Admits He’s Sunk to a “New Low”

Police body-cam footage from Shia LaBeouf’s arrest in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday is pretty shocking.

TMZ has videos that show him throwing tantrums after his arrest in Savannah, Georgia over the weekend…and there’s even more enraged, drunken RACE-BAITING.

It’s unclear what got Shia so fired up about race, but he thinks he was only arrested because he was white, and not at all because he was WASTED. He’s upset at the black cop for hauling him in for bumming cigarettes, and he’s mad at the white cop for going along with it. Obviously, both were just doing their jobs.

The latest videos have Shia telling the black cop he’s going to hell, and telling the white cop that he must be feeling ashamed because his wife prefers black men.

It appears that it was a COP Shia asked for a cigarette. Somehow everything went haywire from there. And the cop was BLACK, so in addition to calling him “[an effing B-word]” and a “dumb [eff]”, he brought RACE into it.

He said, “You’ve got a president who doesn’t give a [crap] about you. And you’re stuck in a police force that doesn’t give [an eff] about you. So you want to arrest what, white people who give [an eff], who ask for cigarettes?”

Then Shia explained HIS side of the story, “Why would I ask for a cigarette if I was racist, you stupid [B-word]? I was asking for a cigarette, you said no. I said ‘Word’, and then you arrested me, you dumb [eff].”

He added,  “I’ve got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid [B-word].”

During the ride to the station, he was going off on a WHITE cop, saying, “You put a white man in the pen for what . . . For asking a black man for a cigarette?”

Then he said, “Civil war is coming, dummy. I got guns in my house. Act dumb in L.A. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang . . . in the center of your [effing] forehead.” (???)

When he got to the station, he was STILL out of his mind, calling other cops all kinds of names, telling them to shut up, and screaming over and over again, “The cuffs are too tight,” and “Why am I in custody?”.)

You can check out videos herehere and here.  WARNING!!!  Some of the profanity is edited, some isn’t.  And some of the edits are a little lazy.

Regardless, Shia released a statement last night admitting that he’d sunk to a “new low.” He said,  “I’m deeply ashamed of my behavior and make no excuse for it.

“My actions warrant a very sincere apology to the arresting officers, and I am grateful for their restraint.

“My outright disrespect for authority is problematic to say the least, and completely destructive to say the worst . . . I’ve been struggling with addiction publicly for far too long, and I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.”