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Kristin’s Hot Guy Fantasy Football Lineup Will Ruin Pikachu For You

Kristin’s Hot Guy Fantasy Football Lineup Will Ruin Pikachu For You

In case you’ve somehow missed it, every football season, Kristin does one of her epic hot dude fantasy football line-ups. (She only picks hot guys for her fantasy football team, and manages to win Bert’s Big Adventure cash every year by doing it!)

Well, Kristin just did her draft, and walked away with some of the NFL’s hottest (and most talented) players…but be warned. After you hear these, you will NEVER look at Pikachu the same way again.

But first…we have to pick a name. She’s got a few, and they’re not all kid friendly…but we think we’ll find one that’ll work. The suggestions from YOU guys include: Balls Deep. Kristin’s Meat Factory. Multiple Scoregasms…and Kling’s Dingalings.

The lineup:

At Quarterback…Are you Netflix? Because I could watch your ass for hours! From Washington…Kirk Cousins!

At Running Back… Call him Life Alert, cause bitches always be falling for him! From Pittsburgh…Le’Veon Bell!

At Running Back… Did you buy those pants on sale? Because at my house they’d be 100% off! From Buffalo…LeSean McCoy!

At Wide Receiver… If you were a president, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln! From Jacksonville…Allen Robinson!

At Wide Receiver… Did you sit in Frosted Flakes? Because that ass is GRRRRREAT! From New York…Eric Decker!

At Wide Receiver… Are you a campfire? Cause you’re hot and I want S’more! From Seattle…Doug Baldwin!

At Tight End… Call me pokemon because I want you to throw your balls at my face! From Cincinnati…Tyler Eifert!

At Kicker…If you thought Disney World was the happiest place on Earth…you haven’t been in my pants! From Carolina…Graham Gano!