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Jenn Hobby’s Top ELEVEN Things She’s Learned From The Show BEHIND The Show

Jenn Hobby’s Top ELEVEN Things She’s Learned From The Show BEHIND The Show

As Jenn Hobby’s time on The Bert Show comes to a close, she’s been reflecting about things she’s learned on The Bert Show after her 10-year-chapter, and she’s got some top 10 lists she wants to share before she leaves.

She learned about everything from over-sweating to sticking to your promise to a sick child’s family from Kristin, and now it’s time for her list for the people of the show behind the face of the show: Producer Tracey, Producer Tommy, Social Media Director Cassie, Producer Carl, Producer Natalie, Producer Marisa, and Producer Josh.

1. From Cassie, our social media director, I’ve learned that if you graduated from Emory University, you can be confident and condescending enough in what you say (whether you know it to be true or not) and people will believe you. You are the only woman I know who has trumped Jeff Dauler in the confidence category. Well done, my friend.

2. Also from Cassie, I have learned that there is an up-and-coming generation of women who are smart, driven, take charge, beautiful, tech savvy and thoughtful who believe that girls really can run the world and they aren’t afraid to step up and do it. I can’t wait to follow your career, Cassie!

3. I’ve learned from Producer Tommy, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… This 40-something white boy can write lyrics, rap and dance like no other, but you may not see that at first glance!

4. From Tommy, I have also learned that someone’s passion for all things entertainment – tv, movies and music- can be contagious! Tommy’s love of good music, writing and acting has rubbed off on all of us, especially me.

5. From Producer Carl I have learned that to raise good kids, you have to be a good person first, then a good parent. Carl leads by example in his family and throughout his life. I admire his strong character and passion for fatherhood. I hope to be half the parent Carl is!

6. Also from Carl, I have learned to hustle. This man just keeps working and working and working… and he loves the hustle.

7. From Producer Natalie I have learned that you can change your name depending on your surroundings. It’s flexible, you know like earrings or a cell phone case. Just change it so it fits!

8. From Natalie, I have also learned that slow and steady hard work wins the race. She started with us as a shy and quiet intern. I’m so proud of you and how far you have come with this show!

9. From our Operations Director Tracey I have learned that you can be an amazing, loving, involved Mom at home and at the same time continue to not only kick butt at your current job, but also get promoted. What an awesome feat! I will miss working with Tracey very much, but I know I will be calling her for constant Mom advice soon.

10. From our Imaging Director Josh, I have learned that they may be hard to find, but there are men who are deep. Josh works on a different emotional and spiritual depth level than the rest of us and I adore spending time talking with him. He has the most unique perspective on life of anyone else I know.

11. From our radio rookie, phone screener Marisa, I have learned that being fresh and young and yourself is the best way to bring content to a morning show. You just don’t know any better yet, and that is pure and beautiful! I hope you never loose that. You are as authentic as they come. I am so excited to watch you grow and bloom.

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