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Keep Moving Forward: Jeff’s Newest Adventure, From Triathlete To…Jewelry Designer

Keep Moving Forward: Jeff’s Newest Adventure, From Triathlete To…Jewelry Designer

Remember last year when Jeff Dauler  took on the biggest challenge of his life? He went from virtual couch potato to athlete, running his first triathlon alongside Dr. Sanjay Gupta as a part of CNN’s Fit Nation.

While he was training, he took away a phrase from his coach that he will remember for the rest of his life- “Keep Moving Forward.” One jewelry designer was so inspired by his journey that she asked him to work with her to design a new line for her Diana Warner collection. Aptly titled ‘Jeff Dauler Keep Moving Forward.’

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About the bracelet from Diana Warner Studio:

Jeff Dauler Keep Moving Forward

After hearing Jeff’s inspiring story, I felt moved to share his story with as many people as I could, which is why we created the “Keep Moving Forward” bracelets. When I wear this bracelet, I’m not only reminded of how Jeff overcame his own obstacles, but how we can all move through any obstacle – mental or physical – that appears in our way. Read on to hear Jeff’s story …

“I wasn’t in great shape last winter. Mentally, I was dealing with some stressful personal challenges. Physically, I weighed more than I ever had and wasn’t doing anything to fix that. I wasn’t healthy in any sense of the word. I needed to make some big changes.

When the opportunity to join a team and train for a triathlon presented itself, I said ‘yes’ before I had the chance to think ‘no.’

And that ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. It was eight months of training, a half-mile in the ocean, twenty miles on the bike, and a three mile run. I crossed the finish line physically healthier and mentally stronger than I’d ever been before.

During my training, my coach spoke a sentence that has become the single most important guidepost in my everyday life. While talking about the ways to move between the three different sports of triathlon, she said ‘Always keep moving forward, ESPECIALLY in times of transition. Because that’s when it’s easiest to stop. Don’t let that happen. Keep moving forward.’

She was talking about the race, but it described my whole world at that moment. I had been in transition, and I had stopped to wait for things to come to me. I was frozen. I applied her rule immediately and began to move forward again. Some days, it might have only been a fraction of an inch … but it was forward movement. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Slowly, I exited my period of transition and started on the next leg of my journey.

Whatever race you are running, stay in it. Don’t stop or pause or wait. Slow down if you have to catch your breath, because it doesn’t matter how fast you go. Just go.


Jeff Dauler