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Jenn Hobby’s Last Day On The Bert Show: Watch The Goodbye Videos

Jenn Hobby’s Last Day On The Bert Show: Watch The Goodbye Videos

After a decade of amazing memories, it’s an incredibly bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to our sister, our family member, and our friend, Jenn Hobby. But, her career is NOWHERE close to over – if you know Jenn, you know she continually strives to stretch and challenge herself.

So, what’s next? Jenn’s going across the hall…literally.  She’s the newest member of Atlanta’s Kix 101.5 team, and will have her own show middays, along with access to Country’s hottest talent!

Jenn’s been sharing her top ten lists of things she’s learned from Bert, Kristin, Jeff, the members of the show behind the show, as well as the Ghosts of Bert Show past.

Read Bert’s letter to Jenn.

Jenn’s parents call up to wish her well, and her dad gets the first tears of the morning.
[jwplayer mediaid=”93489″]

And her husband, Grant, shows up with a HUGE bouquet. They met on the show, three years ago…
[jwplayer mediaid=”93515″]

Grandma DeeDee’s on the phone!
[jwplayer mediaid=”93510″]

And…we have a special guest in studio  – Melissa Carter!

[jwplayer mediaid=”93538″]

And The Bert Show’s old general manager, Mark Renier calls in, along with our loyal listener, TC!
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And Producer Tracey swings by with her brand new little sweetie, Madeline!

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Listeners call in to say goodbye,

[jwplayer mediaid=”93490″]

Along with listener Angela:
[jwplayer mediaid=”93517″]

Karaoke memories and Jenn’s brother calls in!

[jwplayer mediaid=”93575″]

And Jenn says her final goodbye.

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Farewell Montage

Melissa Carter Visits Jenn

Jenn’s Presents

Jenn’s Husband, Grant, Visits Her

Kristin Says Goodbye