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How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe? Producer Tracey’s Got Some Tips

How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe? Producer Tracey’s Got Some Tips

Producer Tracey has a six-year-old and an almost three-year-old, and she and her husband – like most, if not all, parents – worry about keeping them safe, especially from sexual predators.

They’ve started doing a few things around the house to help protect them:

– They implemented a ‘no secrets’ policy in their household. Surprises are ok (for example, because mom is about to find out about her surprise party soon, so it’s ok to not tell her right now). Tracey’s daughters are clear on the difference between a secret and a surprise, and that way, no one can tell their children to keep a secret from mom and dad.

– No more forced hugs. It seems so innocent – give a hug to grandpa, give them a kiss, say goodbye – but it teaches her daughter that she’s not in control of her emotions or her body.

– Most parents have taught their kids which parts of their bodies are just for them and that NO ONE else is allowed to touch, but what if her kid needs help in the bathroom? So, she has a list of people who are ‘ok’ to help her in the bathroom, but she always tell mom who helped you.