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The Bert Show Wants To Send You Home For The Holidays!

The Bert Show know that the most important part of the holidays is being with the people you love.  But, the bad economy means you sometimes can’t afford to fly across the country to visit them. The Bert Show and WIFH want to help you out by making sure that everyone is Home for the Holidays!

We want you to send in your stories about your Holiday plans – maybe you’d like to fly to Phoenix to see Grandma. Or your child needs to fly to Atlanta to be with their Dad for the day. The Bert Show will choose several listeners and fulfill their wish to make sure they are all Home for the Holidays.

Just read the official rules, and fill out the form below and tell us why you want to go Home For The Holidays!

We’re sending teacher Kimberly and her daughter Home for the Holidays!
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And now we’re sending Danielle and her nine-month-old son home to Indy…AND we’re giving her $1000 in loyalty pays money to fix her car!

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We’re bringing Lori’s daughter home from training camp!
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We’re reconnecting Alicia and her family!
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