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The Globes Fashion Round-Up: Pantsuits, Liquid Metallic, and Ten Other Notable Looks

The Globes Fashion Round-Up: Pantsuits, Liquid Metallic, and Ten Other Notable Looks

Unless you take fashion WAY too seriously, you would not have seen anything LIFE-ALTERING on the red carpet at last night’s “Golden Globes,”  but there were some mildly interesting looks, at least to a casual observer.

Here are a few highlights:

For starters, several women were wearing pantsuits, like Evan Rachel Wood, Octavia Spencer, and Kathryn Hahn.  Some people thought it was a statement, like a Hillary Clinton thing or a feminism thing.

For what it’s worth, Evan said, “I’ve been to the Globes six times, and I’ve worn a dress every time, and I love dresses.  I’m not trying to protest dresses.

“I wanted to make sure that young women and girls knew that they aren’t a requirement, and that you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to.  Just be yourself, because your worth is much more than that.”

A LOT of women went with a glimmering ‘liquid metal‘ look, including Sarah Paulson, Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara, Regina King, Chrissy Teigen, Ruth Negga from AMC’s “Preacher”, Claire Foy from “The Crown”, Tracee Ellis Ross from “Black-ish”, and even Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things”.

By the way, Sarah Paulson is dating actress Holland Taylor, but she brought her friend Amanda Peet as a date, and they even playfully kissed at one point.

Michelle Williams and her friend Busy Philipps continued their tradition of going together. They’ve been friends since they were on “Dawson’s Creek”.

As for the men, the dominating trend for the 74th year in a row was…black and white tuxedos.  While there are lists of the Best-Dressed Men, when we checked, there wasn’t even ONE specifically for the “Worst Dressed Men.”

Although, “The Onion” had a funny joke about how Ryan Gosling was caught sneaking by on the red carpet in a full-body red camouflage outfit.

Here are ten other interesting fashion notes from the Globes:

Mel Gibson’s pregnant girlfriend Rosalind Ross showed off her baby bump

As did Wonder WomanGal Gadot

But Natalie Portman seemed to be hiding hers in a dress.

The boys from “Stranger Things” looked good in a ‘cute thing to share on Facebook’ sort of way.  Amy AdamsPhotobombed the cast’s photo with Amy Schumer.


Rachel Bloom had the other cast members from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” with her, but not in person; they were painted ON HER NAILS.

Winona Ryder hung out with her former “Heathers” co-star Christian Slater.


The so-called critics LOVED Anna Kendrick’s Grecian style dress.



Mashable.com has a rundown of all the funny faces Ryan Gosling made.

Kristen Bell wore a BUTT PAD.

Thandie Newton compared her own look to a cigarette.



Sarah Jessica Parker wore a wedding gown, and she also had her hair up in a bun as a tribute to Carrie Fisher.



Carrie Underwood’s pink dress made E! Online and USA Today’s Worst Dressed lists, but on the bright side, the “Mercury News” did NOT have her in theirs