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Is Your Friend Actually A Frenemy?

Is Your Friend Actually A Frenemy?

Most women have dealt with this at some point in their lives…the frenemy. But it’s SO HARD to tell the difference between a frenemy and an actual concerned friend. Or a friend who’s going through a rough patch and is maybe taking it out on everyone.

Producer Davi and one of her (real) friends are currently going through that, so they made a quiz to determine if that chick you know is a friend…or a frenemy in disguise.

Davi’s Frenemy Quiz

If you answer “yes” to any of these, she might be a frenemy.

1. When you’re at your happiest, they feel the need to knock you down a few notches, but it’s disguised as concern.

2. Somehow, what’s best for you always benefits them in some way.

3. When you walk into a room, do they stop talking immediately?

4. Do they have a history of “sharing” information between friends and starting arguments?

5. They tell you the this people are saying about you…unsolicited.

6. Doesn’t call you as a friend until they need you to do something.

7. Healthy competition is good, but is this person overly competitive? Are they mad about other people’s promotions at work or advancements in their careers?

8. Do they actively try to embarrass you in a group setting?

9. Does she say that she “hates drama,” but only seems to be the center

10. Has more guy friends than girlfriends, because it’s just “easier.”

11. They’re the first person to talk smack about a new person, try to get you to talk smack about them, then takes a selfie with said person out on the town.

12. Whenever you have something good happen, do they need to “one up” it? (Again, competitive).

13. Are they the kind of person that physically cant be happy for your happy? Are they visibly uncomfortable when you talk about happy things?

14. Do they ignore or no show at your meaningful life events?