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EBuzz Bites From “Game Of Thrones,” “Sex And The City” + More

EBuzz Bites From “Game Of Thrones,” “Sex And The City” + More

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER posted pictures of himself cutting his son PATRICK’s hair back when he was a child…and now.

The daughter of CHANDRA WILSON from “Grey’s Anatomy” has a condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome.  (Full Story)

Check out a trailer for “War for the Planet of the Apes.  It comes out in July.

Is BRAD PITT losing too much weight?  (Full Story) Speaking of Brad Pitt,Here’s a

Speaking of Brad Pitt,Here’s a trailer for “War Machine,” starring BRAD PITT as an idealistic general put in charge of the NATO forces in Afghanistan.  Don’t expect a serious war movie…it’s actually kind of a parody.  It premieres on Netflix on May 26th.

“Avengers” director JOSS WHEDON is jumping to DC to make a “Batgirl” movie.  (Full Story)

Check out a new Season 7 trailer for “Game of Thrones.” It’s coming back July 16th.  (Full Story)

 ABC is airing a two-hour special in May on the last 100 days of PRINCESS DIANA.  (Full Story)

Here’s a list of everything coming to Netflix, and everything they’re getting rid of, in April.  (Full Story)

There was an alternate version of the “Sex and the City” opening credits scene that they never used.  “Entertainment Weekly” posted it yesterday.  I’d like to make two points about it, but it looks like SARAH JESSICA PARKER beat me to it.

Did you know HARRISON FORD filmed a cameo for “E.T.” that ended up on the cutting room floor?  It’s not new info, but “Entertainment Weekly” has the supposed “untold story”.  (Full Story)

Former Power Ranger RICARDO MEDINA JR. got six years for voluntary manslaughter.  (Full Story)

Check out MANDY MOORE’s throwback pic with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE from 1999.

Check out MOLLY RINGWALD and LUKE PERRY as Archie’s parents on “Riverdale.”

PAMELA ANDERSON is talking about how much she loves JULIAN ASSANGE again.  (Full Story)

JULIETTE BINOCHE was asked how “badass” her “Ghost in the Shell” co-star SCARLETT JOHANSSON is, but she didn’t understand the question.  She said, “She has a good ass!  I think she has the best ass.”  (Full Story)

 TOM HANKS has a great story about PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH and a dead bird in the Rose Garden.  (Full Story)