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EBuzz Bites From Amy Schumer, Kesha, Taylor Swift + More

EBuzz Bites From Amy Schumer, Kesha, Taylor Swift + More

Are alt-right Redditors ganging up to give AMY SCHUMER’s new Netflix comedy special a low rating?  (Full Story)

KESHA says she dropped the dollar sign from her name in order to let go of the façade that she was, quote, “a girl who didn’t care.”  (Full Story)

TAYLOR SWIFT has filed for several trademarks for the word “Swifties.”  (Full Story)

DEMI LOVATO is celebrating 5 years of sobriety.  (Full Story)

RUPAUL secretly married his partner of 23 years.  (Full Story)

Is MARY KATE OLSEN trying to have a baby?  (Full Story)

EVA LONGORIA will star in a workplace comedy called “Type-A” for Fox.  (Full Story)

MISCHA BARTON gave a press conference about her sex tape.  She says the guy recorded her without her consent, with hidden cameras.  Meanwhile, Mischa got restraining orders against TWO ex-boyfriends she thinks might be involved.

CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY appeared naked, with just a towel covering his bits, on his new CMT show “Sun Records.”  He plays Sun Records founder Sam Phillips.

There will be a public memorial for CARRIE FISHER and DEBBIE REYNOLDS at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood next Saturday.  (Full Story)

MARK HAMILL got into a little Twitter fight with a guy who worked on the Trump / Pence campaign.  (Full Story)

Check out the trailer for the new Pixar movie “Coco”.  It’s about Mexico’s Day of the Dead, and it comes out in November.

RIHANNA and ADAM DRIVER will star in “Annette” . . . a movie that’s being described as a “music-filled drama”, whatever that means.  (Full Story)

KATE MCKINNON from “Saturday Night Live” voices three characters in the animated movie “Leap!”  (Full Story)

SARAH PAULSON’s nickname during the filming of “Ocean’s Eight” was “Long Butt Dong.”  (Full Story)

There’s a transgender bride on “Say Yes to the Dress” next weekend.  (Full Story)