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Do Men Who Do More Housework Have Less Sex?

Do Men Who Do More Housework Have Less Sex?

You might think the best way to get your wife ready to reward you is to vacuum the living room, take out the garbage, and wash the dishes. You would be wrong. According to a new study by the University of Washington, the more housework a married man does, the LESS SEX he has.

Guys who did a lot of housework averaged having sex 3.2 times a month. Guys who only did “manly” jobs around the house, like car repair, yard work or paying the bills…had sex an average of 4.8 times a month.

The researchers say it shows that even though we’ve come a long way in gender equality, men and women still follow some old-fashioned patterns. If a woman sees a man vacuuming, she can’t help but lose some sexual attraction to him.

But when a woman sees a man only doing traditionally “manly” things like fixing the car, it apparently reinforces his “manliness” and turns her on. When a man sees a woman doing household chores, it reinforces her femininity, and makes him even more sexually attracted to her. So much for breaking the stereotypical mold.