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Diamond Dash: Meet “Brian” And His Girlfriend:

Diamond Dash: Meet “Brian” And His Girlfriend:

Meet “Brian” and His Girlfriend:

Note: “Brian” hasn’t told his girlfriend he’s doing this, so we’ll be keeping his real identity a secret for now!

My story may be a little different than most but I thought what the heck, why not give it a chance. I met Michelle on June 24th 2009 through a friend of mine. When I first saw her I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. She was wearing a long black dress with sandals and jewelry that I noticed was place perfectly on her wrist and neck. Long black hair and this smile that just lit up the sidewalk (yes I met her on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant). I noticed that she had on what was like a long black glove/sleeve and I wondered after drooling over her looks, what the neck was that about. Come to find out later she had been in a fire accident and her skinned was graphed on her hand and part of her forearm and some other places. On our first date she lifted her dress in the restaurant to show me where they pulled skin from her thigh to do the graph. I thought that was the sexiest bruised no skin thigh I h ave ever seen. After hearing the story of what happen it only made me not only want this woman a part of my life for a long time but also I knew in my heart that she was the one and only option for me.

Unfortunately at the beginning although in my heart I knew what I wanted in my life and with her, I didn’t know how to be the man that I am today. She always says that I wanted to marry her after our first date but that wasn’t the case. I just wanted her to know that if she would have me the way I wanted to be had, I would give her my all. And I have to admit I made that known a few times but not after the first date. She understood where I was in my life but didn’t jump on board right away. It took a while. She said that it was always something about me that she could not put her finger on. She says that I have always been a good guy who would one day be a good husband and father. The problem was I didn’t realize that although I was speaking one thing, I was not fully ready to be a better individual and more importantly a better man. I have always pretty much got what I wanted when it came to other people that I dated but never did I took the time to see what the relationship was truly about. I only cared about my needs and my wants. Never thinking about how I made others feel and what their needs where. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a mean thoughtless person. I knew how to treat someone but never cared to notice their feelings. I realized that I wanted to have more and be different as a man about year or so before I met Michelle but again I wasn’t ready mentally. I always felt that I needed to keep feeding that need to be a bachelor and just do me, with or without someone, because the person I was with didn’t fit the bill to see that there was a lot more to me than what I was willing to give out.

Michelle came along and after about 6 months of dating and hanging out she realized that there was a whole lot more to me that I have al ways kept to myself and felt that it wasn’t important for anyone else to know. These things were things about the type of guy I was. A guy that was selfish and wanted his cake and eat it too. One of the many things I love about Michelle is that she does not look at anyone for the things they do but more so for the person they are. She looked past all my flaws and took the time to see why I was the man I use to be. She saw that I was the man that I spoke about on many occasions but my actions didn’t add up to what I was saying. She has really truly been a blessing in my life and I thank God for her every day. She has taught me so much about being true to myself and others. Although it has taken some time and a few angry moments we have become closer as a couple and I can truly say that I don’t want to ever lose this amazing individual. She deserves the best that I can give and I work hard at it every day. If it’s not verbally telling her how I feel it’s doing things like having her a bday party in her hallway at her home by printing out pics of all her family friends and family, with confetti and streamers before I leave for work so that when she wakes up and opens her door it’s a surprise with only the thoughts of everyone who loves her wishing her a happy birthday. I tell all my guy friends when it comes to taking that next step in your life make sure your ready for it as an individual, no matter who the lucky person will be. Michelle is my everything and it would be a great honor for me to be able to present her with this ring not only to show my love for her but to show her my appreciation for believing in me when she had every right not to.

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