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Can’t Find Cute Clothes Because Of Your Size? Cassie Has Your Solution

Can’t Find Cute Clothes Because Of Your Size? Cassie Has Your Solution

The other day, Cassie went shopping for a Bert Show photoshoot we did, and it took her EIGHT HOURS of shopping (that’s a work day for most people) to find ONE pair of ill-fitting jeans and a dress she was questionable on, at best.

She went to a TON of stores, but she feels like it’s ALWAYS a crapshoot on whether or not they’ll either a) have plus-size clothing, b) have plus-size clothing that is actually good quality or c) have CUTE and not dumpy / frumpy plus size clothing.

Well, in one episode of her podcast with Davi, BROADly Speaking, Cassie brought up how difficult it was to shop, Davi mentioned people had asked about Cassie’s clothes, and where she got them (because solid plus size clothes are in such short supply), and that she needed to post her own clothes. Cassie then figured…why not make it into an entire standalone Instagram account that features women of ALL body shapes and where they got *their* clothes from? Kind of like crowdsourcing fashion finds.

So, Curvy Style Guide was born on Instagram.

Here’s the thing: Cassie needs your help. She wants to see ALL different kinds of women represented on the account. Apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hour glass figures, able-bodied people, people who are disabled, tall, short, thick thighs, big busts, small busts, you name it. If you have a body, we want to see your style, because there are other people who look like YOU out there looking for fashion.

If you have some cute clothes (dresses, tops, pants, swimsuits, jackets – any of it!) you bought recently, send a pic (full body, we want to see you!), your Instagram handle if you want to be tagged, and where you got the clothes to cassie@thebertshow.com, or tag your picture on Instagram using the hashtag #TheCurvyStyleGuide!

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Hey! I’m @cassandrayoung and I’m so sick of shopping for hours to find clothes…and coming up empty handed. And it happens a LOT. I know there’s stuff out there – it’s just in hiding. • I started this account to curate cute, plus-size fashion from the women who wear it. Think of it as crowdsourcing to find out where all the cute stuff is rather than wasting SO MUCH TIME searching and just being disappointed. • I can’t do it alone! Wanna be featured? Snap a pic and send it to me, along with where you got your clothes from & let’s share the info! •••••••••••• Swimsuit: @swimsuitsforall Photog: @ownboudoir Hair & makeup: @briellebrenner Styling: @glamkamstyle •••••••••••• #plussizeswimwear #plussizeswimsuit #plussizeswim #plussizefashion #realcurves #curvywomen #curvyfashion #curvyfashionandstyle #plussize #plussizemodel

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Me when I realize I spent EIGHT HOURS shopping for a couple of outfits I needed and only came away with a pair of ill fitting jeans, a questionable dress, and feeling crap about my options. • Usually, when I find something that fits (like this Mindy Off The Shoulder Dress from Q&A), I buy it IMMEDIATELY…because scarcity. • BUT maybe here we can crowdsource where we find cute clothes so it’s not a mad scramble anytime we need something! • Submit your pic to cassie@thebertshow.com or tag it with #thecurvystyleguide to help & be featured! •••••••••• Photo: @hales_photo Makeup: @ericabogartbeauty Hair: @briellebrenner Outfit: Mindy Off The Shoulder Dress from Q&A •••••••••• #plussizefashion #realcurves #curvywomen #curvyfashion #curvyfashionandstyle #plussize #plussizemodel

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