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Celebrity Incarceration Draft: She Was Arrested For Domestic Battery

Celebrity Incarceration Draft: She Was Arrested For Domestic Battery

Celebrity Incarceration Draft: so, how does it work? Every time a celebrity gets arrested, The Bert Show cast members put money into a pool and predict the next celebrity they think will get arrested.

Every time another celebrity gets arrested (we have to know their name without any research), we pick more names until someone correctly guesses a celebrity arrest!

We have a winner from last round with DMX…so it’s time for a new round with Aaron Carter’s arrest.

Round 1: Aaron Carter arrested for DUI

Bert: Shia LaBeouf
Kristin: Rob Kardashian
Brian: Blac Chyna

Round 2: James Cromwell arrested in a protest against SeaWorld.

Bert: Aaron Carter
Kristin: Usher
Brian: Floyd Mayweather

Round 3: Tom Wopat from the Dukes of Hazard was arrested.

Bert: Scott Disick
O.J. Simpson
Brian: Donald Trump Jr.

Round 4: Nelly arrested on a rape accusation.

Bert: YouTube star Jake Paul
Kristin: Aaron Carter
Brian: Harvey Weinstein

Round 5: Corey Feldman arrested during a traffic stop.

Bert: James Toback
Kristin: Kathy Griffin
Brian: Eric Trump

Round 6: Christopher McDonald arrested for DUI.

Bert: Sofia Richie
Kristin: Kanye West
Brian: Jared Kushner


Round 7:  Lou Diamond Phillips arrested for DUI.

Bert: Andy Dick
Kristin: Lamar Odom 
Brian: Corey Feldman


Round 8:  Fetty Wap arrested for drag racing.

Bert: Jim Carrey
Kristin: Alec Baldwin
Brian: Kevin Spacey


Round 9:  Rose McGowan turned herself in on Cocaine-possession charges.

Bert: Danny Masterson
Kristin: Lindsay Lohan
Brian: Ed Westwick


Round 10: Naya Rivera arrested on domestic battery charges.

Bert: Charlie Sheen
Al Franken
Brian: Nick Carter