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Celebrity Incarceration Draft: We Have A Winner!

Celebrity Incarceration Draft: We Have A Winner!

Celebrity Incarceration Draft: so, how does it work? Every time a celebrity gets arrested, The Bert Show cast members put money into a pool and predict the next celebrity they think will get arrested.

Every time another celebrity gets arrested (we have to know their name without any research), we pick more names until someone correctly guesses a celebrity arrest!


DMX was arrested for tax evasion, so we have a winner – BERT!


Round 1: Bachelor Chris Soules Arrested For Fleeing Deadly Car Crash Scene

Kristin: Justin Bieber

Bert: DMX

Brian: Tyga

Round 2: Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend, Travis Scott, Arrested

Kristin: Susan Sarandon

Brian: Sean Penn

Bert: Harry Styles

Round 3: Rockwell arrested over a sandwich.

Kristin: Congressman from Montana, Greg Gianforte, who body slammed a reporter.

Brian: Kanye West

Bert: Tim Robbins

Round 4: Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

Kristin: Johnny Depp

Brian: Chris Brown

Bert: Michelle Rodriguez

Bobbi Kristina’s Ex, Nick Gordon, Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Abuse And Kidnapping

Kristin: Corinne from “Bachelor In Paradise”

Bert: Scott Disick

Brian: 50 Cent

Miles Teller arrested for public intoxication.

Kristin: Miles Teller

Brian: Brad Pitt

Bert: Lamar Odom

Digital Underground’s Shock G Arrested For Drugs

Kristin: Ansel Elgort

Bert: Owen Wilson

Brian: Eminem