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Cassholevania: In Cassie’s Perfect World *This* Is Illegal

Cassholevania: In Cassie’s Perfect World *This* Is Illegal

If you could design your perfect world, what would it look like? If you could make all the rules you wanted and have EVERYONE follow them, what would you pass into law?

Bert lead the way with his rules for Bertopia, like t-boning the bouche who blocks the intersection, Kristin’s got her rules for Kristopia (every house has to have a pet), and Brian created MooteTropolis, where SCRUBS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN BARS.

And now, welcome to CASSHOLEVANIA, where chocolate is a health food, every house has a hangover IV drip, and pants are optional.


  1. Children are allowed to cry for five minutes without the parents being judged. After that, parents must remove baby from situation. I don’t care how, get them out.

2. If you’ve been standing in line to order something and you don’t know what you get by the time you get up there, the people behind you can choose something off the menu to throw at you.

3. Do NOT walk down the middle of a parking lot aisle. I will run you over.

4. Man spreading is illegal. (Ps. this Manspreading Tumblr is everything.)

5. NO CELL PHONES AT CONCERTS. I did not pay to watch someone perform on your phone. I paid to watch them perform in front of my actual eyeballs. Put ‘em down.

6. People are not allowed to pay in stores with checks.

And now, the benefits:

1. There will be an IV drip system in every home for hangovers.

2. When your car gets damaged, it cannot cost over $100 to fix.

3. If you’ve been drinking, cabs are free.

4. Every mirror looks like the mirrors in Banana Republic. (If you’ve ever been there, you know EXACTLY what we’re talking about.)

5. Mashed potatoes and chocolate are health foods.

6. Pants are optional

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some mashed potato gifs.


Mashed Potato Animated Gif

Mashed Potatoes - Marnie from Girls - Animated Gif