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Update: Bert’s Son Needs Your Help With His Project That Helps Kids With Cancer!

Update: Bert’s Son Needs Your Help With His Project That Helps Kids With Cancer!

Kristen Stocks is from Kids Boost, and she has a really amazing organization. Kids Boost meets with kids and finds out what makes them spark. Rock climbing? Baking? Video games? Dogs? And then they help those kids take that passion and turn it into philanthropy. They give the kids $100, a one-on-one coach, and resources along the way…and then those kids turn that $100 into more to give back!

Case in point: Savannah loved dancing…and helped raise money for Bert’s Big Adventure!

So, here’s the deal: if your kid – who is eight years old or older – wants to start their own charity or get involved, apply! Kristen will come on the next week to announce who was selected!

Or, if you’re feeling inspired – help them out by donating, yourself!

Bert’s son, Hayden, is doing his OWN Kids Boost project to benefit CURE – Childhood Cancer by having a game truck event! Play video games, eat pizza, drink coffee, make meal care packages for kids in the hospital – you can donate OR help out by buying supplies! How? Just buy it off Amazon at this link and they will be sent to the right place – so easy!

And if you want to help donate, you can also email at kristen@kidsboost.org!

Here’s how Hayden’s event went – he should be SO proud!

A huge thanks to everyone who supported Hayden and his project for CURE.  He turned his $100 into more than $1200! His project is still “open” so it’s not too late to donate.  Here is the link to his page.
Here’s a link of upcoming Kids Boost events and if you want to support Kids Boost by donating to the general fund, head to https://kidsboost.org/donate/!