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Bert Show Love: Days 51 – 60

Bert Show Love: Days 51 – 60

We’re really feeling like the world needs a little more love right now, so we want to start spreading it, one place at a time – for 100 days.

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Bert Show Love 51: Bert hosted the Sarah Blakely / ARMS Foundation event!

Bert Show Love 52: Brian did stand-up, benefiting the Frazer Center!

Bert Show Love 53: Davi hosted Millennial vs. Gen X Trivia at K&G Fashion’s Halloween Party!



Bert Show Love 54: Brian Facetimed a junior Paralympian he met at an event, Grace, who lost a leg to bone cancer and is back in the hospital.

Bert Show Love 55: Cassie did a library book drop-off!

Bert Show Love 56: This listener has hit really hard times and desperately needs your help.

Bert Show Love 57: Kristin announced the Toys for Tots drop-off!

Bert Show Love 58: Bert dropped off a surprise at Cobb County’s Police Precinct 5

Bert Show Love 59: Shelter of L.O.V.E. needs your donations to help women displaced because of domestic violence.

Bert Show Love 60: We’re donating leftover Halloween candy to the troops! (Find out how you can donate yours!)

If you know anyone who needs some love – it can be help a cheering section at their football game, help volunteering, sending flowers to a sick friend in the hospital, writing a card to a kid who needs a boost, assistance paying rent – WHATEVER it is, tell us below as part of the 100 days of #BertShowLove!