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Bert Show Love: 71 – 80

Bert Show Love: 71 – 80

Bert Show Love 71: Kristin, Brian, Cassie and Davi and Brian rode in the American Heart Association’s CycleNation



Bert Show Love 72: Bert’s Big Adventure Restaurant Week




Bert Show Love 73: The Big Thank You Send-Off!

Bert Show Love 74: Brian’s volunteer board member meeting at the Frazer Center.

If you know anyone who needs some love – it can be help a cheering section at their football game, help volunteering, sending flowers to a sick friend in the hospital, writing a card to a kid who needs a boost, assistance paying rent – WHATEVER it is, tell us below as part of the 100 days of #BertShowLove!


Bert Show Love 75: Kristin & her fiance, Bart, are donating her wedding registry to Bert’s Big Adventure!

Bert Show Love 76: Kristin left cute positive notes in dressing rooms all around Atlanta!

Bert Show Love 77: Brian at the Punchline doing a show for 3D Girls, Inc.

Bert Show Love 78: Kristin delivering Honey Baked Ham to the Chamblee Police Precinct!


Bert Show Love 79: Brian made and delivered Thanksgiving sandwiches to the homeless.



Bert Show Love 80:Dippin’ Dots Day At Creekview High School – ice cream for EVERYONE!